Frog Princess

Frog Princess

I spend a lot of time thinking and writing in the early morning hours and again sometimes into the night. I am sure if you’ve read most of the stuff that has come out of me you’ll notice my focus is extremely narrow.

My focus is on the Cross and your resurrection either to Eternal Life or Eternal Death. In the end that really is all that will matter to you. So, I continue to try and come at you, to confront you with the same theme packaged differently in the hope of planting a seed or two into your heart that will begin to change you into the image of God.

Some of the stories came out of me like birth pangs while others just flow out of me like a river. Whether these stories are birthed in pain or joy they all give me pleasure, because writing and engaging people in conversations about Jesus is my passion.

I seem to write best when things happen in my life that cause me to reflect on Christ, the Cross, OUR Resurrection and the need for everyone to be SAVED. If you are saved and you read my stuff, then my challenge between every line to you is to witness.

Witnessing is a conscious decision to step out of your comfort zone and stand alone for Christ. Every day God opens doors both small and great for you to walk up to someone you know and plant a seed.
As a believer that is your call, that is your job…which is to serve HIS PASSION which HE personally put into your New Born Soul.

I have been sulking lately. I have struggled with the question of why God saved me at 38 years old rather than 18 years old. I could have made something of this evangelistic passion I have that continues to burn within me. Maybe I could have been a pastor, or a teacher, or an itinerant evangelist. Instead I am a salesperson by day and a writer who shares my faith in the night.

My desire is to see multitudes of people come to know Christ somehow through the seeds these stories spread thru Crosses Everywhere. I always tell myself it’s about the many not the few, let alone the one. But that is not the way Jesus did His Ministry. It begins with the ONE by making a disciple who then passes on the torch in the race to the next runner.

The best opportunities we have for making a difference in the life of someone for Christ comes in two ways. The first is to walk your talk and let your life reflect HIM. The other is to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit when He moves between you and someone you know and you begin to talk your walk.

Think of your life in Christ this way. When you were born again two things happened to you. Jesus now carries your Cross for you during this life because He has nailed your sins onto His Cross. The other thing that happened is that the Holy Spirit gave you a bag to carry.

This bag is filled with seeds of Truth. This bag is huge and very heavy. The Holy Spirit carries this bag for you as well. It’s there with you always at the ready, filled with seeds that you can plant into the hearts of seekers as they are brought to you during your life.

This bag of seeds represents the greatest burden you will ever carry in this life and on into the next. Every seed in your bag was given to you to plant when the opportunities came while you were alive. Every seed had the name of someone you know on it. Someone you are personally responsible to witness too…people you love that you would die for and also those God HIMSELF has placed in your path.

When you stand before the Lord with your seed bag, will it still be huge and heavy? If it is you will be shown the myriad of times during your life when you should have sown the seed and you did not. You will see the parade of all the lives that you could have made a difference in and you did not.

Every choice has its consequences. Every time you decided not to stand alone and speak will be a time before God that you will shed a tear with HIM. The difference will be that He knew you wouldn’t take His Great Commission to those you know and love, let alone those He placed into your life path that needed to hear. But because of His great love for you, He will take you into His arms and the two of you will cry for the Lost that you could have made a difference in; both those precious to you and precious to HIM.

You will be fortunate, for He will wipe away your tears and you will forget those left behind. But those left behind will live on in eternal death always remembering you and what you did not do to help them when you could. Your love for the Lord can only be shown by OBEDIENCE to His wishes and commands.

So what’s with the title of this message…the Frog Princess? I have a co-worker named Mike whose daughter Kendall was hurt in a freak accident a few months’ ago. She is a beautiful teenager full of life, popular and a member of the Pom team. While at home she lost her balance and reached out toward a window to support her. The window gave way and when it was over, blood was everywhere and her hand and its tendons were sliced through.

She has gone through surgery to reconnect nerves and tendons and then painful physical therapy. She has been through a lot. I have tried when given the opportunity to plant seeds in lives whenever God has opened the doors. So I have spoken occasionally to Mike about Jesus and I have tried to live my life before Mike so he can recognize the difference.

Besides that I have a poster on the wall before my desk that says,
“In the Beginning …GOD”. Genesis 1:1 is my life verse and reminder to me from the Old Testament that the Bible is Gods Revelation of Himself to us from His own lips.

Two weeks ago I bought a Timex sound soother radio and placed it onto my night stand. I bought the radio so that I could drown out the noise of the 4 million frogs of all kinds in the pond and forest area beneath my bedroom window.

The very first night I had this Timex radio on I set the sound soother into a random choice anticipating ocean waves cresting on the beach. When I put my head on my pillow with the roar of frogs in my left ear, I hit the button for the waves. But instead I got the roar of frogs in my right ear. I decided to throw the Timex out; Elyse was going to take it to the Salvation Army. I decided to take it to work. Then just for fun I would turn the Frogs on real loud catching everyone’s attention.

Well even though I hate frogs, God made them for His purposes. But I could never have expected the following to happen. Mike loves the sound of frogs singing in the night. He actually finds them restful. So I said here take it home with you, enjoy it. He mentioned that his daughter also loved frogs and was an accomplished photographer. She had won second place in a photography contest with a picture portrait of a frog. So this Timex filled with croaking amphibians was going to a good home where the people had a passion for frogs. Below is the email I received from Mike’s daughter just the other day along with my response.

Hello this is Kendall, Mike’s daughter! I would like to thank you for the very nice alarm clock! This was Perfect timing to receive this alarm clock because in about 20 day’s I’m going to pom camp, and an alarm clock was one of the items on my list to bring! I know already that I’m going to get a lot of use out of this! I would also like to say that I have been a frog fan for about 5yrs. now and so far the frog sound is my favorite setting! Thanks Once Again,

Here is my answer to her email.

Hi Kendall, It was nice of you respond in this way. I know recently you had an accident. Sometimes life brings us things we do not want or understand. We wonder why. Then sometimes things happen out of nowhere that bring us joy. Life is full of those experiences. You always can have strength in those storms knowing the love of your parents will always be there. But beyond that there is someone who loves you even more…the Lord. He knew you before you were born and He promises to be with you every second of every day of your life. His promise to each of us is always to meet our needs…not necessarily our wants. Frogs are very low on my list, but He knew you loved Frogs and needed a clock radio (filled with Frogs).Consider this a gift from HIM personally to you. He just happened to bring us together.Your message brings a ray of sunshine into my day.Thank-you and Enjoy the gift.

Yes, I had thoughts of misgiving when I received Mike’s daughter’s email. I was not sure how to respond. But then I felt the weight of the bag filled with seeds on me and I knew I was carrying seeds with her name on them. So I wrote the email to Kendall in care of her father.

When I got to work I told Mike about the email and how his daughter was a wonderful and creative young woman in her response.I said I took liberty with the email to share my faith with his daughter and if he did not like what I wrote that he could edit it or just delete it. Mike read it and sent it on to Kendall. Then he mentioned that he was going to a funeral at noon for his Aunt. I gave him a copy of “ Fathers Love Letter”, .

This was written using only Scripture from the Old and New Testament. It is a letter from God to His Child. I told him I had on occasion been able to either send it to grieving families or to read it at a funeral. He took it with him to the funeral. I know God will use it to touch Mike and many others through Mike …just like God used the Frogs.

Your life and mine is not about the many or even the few. It is all about your choice to speak to the ONE. Sharing your faith works best …when it’s done ONE to ONE. Jesus came down from Heaven to Earth to save each of us ONE by ONE. Every day you live is CHRIST mas.

CHRISTmas is not about a bag full of toys, but about a Bag full of SEEDS. And YES when God is involved ….it’s ALL about Frogs.

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