Good Seed

Sometimes I become very tired of witnessing to people who only want to convince me I am wrong and they are right. When I reach that moment in time when I feel I have done all I can, I walk away.

The following is what I send to the person that remains, deaf, dumb and blind to the truth written in the Old & New Testaments.

Dear, (Put their name here)

If you do not believe in the One True God then your faith system is in yourself, and in the opinions of others. In 1982, I was much like you. Then my father had his 3rd heart attack and died under strange circumstances that caused me to begin a 3 year search through multiple religions to find God.

Everyone said there was only one God, yet the gods of these religions (man made religions) all had a different god, described in their holy books. I looked at each religion from the standpoint of proving them using History, Science, and Archaeology.

The only Book that I could believe in described the One True GOD in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. The thing that most of all brought me to my knees was Prophecy; which simply put means that the Bible is pre-written history, which is impossible unless the one who wrote it is outside of time. The Bible is the only Book that has hundreds of detailed descriptions of events that have all come true. None of the other man made religions have that.

I do not believe in myths, legends or fairytales. My Faith rests in the work of Jesus, the Son of God, who came to die on the Cross for you. Jesus is the one who Rose from the Dead, walked this earth again then ascended up to heaven and said He was coming back again soon. Prophecy supports the Old Testament in every detail that is fulfilled by Jesus Christ. And HIS story– History… supports every detail of His Life lived here on earth.

You owe it to yourself to study the Bible to disprove what I am saying. Because until you have read it at least once, we have no common ground to continue this conversation.

Get a complete Bible with the Old Testament and New Testament. I suggest the MacArthur Study Bible…English Standard Version Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John first then go into the Old Testament and read the Book of Isaiah. In Isaiah, you will find the details written 700 years before death, burial, ascension of Jesus the Son of God. Then read through the Bible once to see that it is really the pre-written History of the coming of the Messiah the Savior and the end of Mankind as we know it and the New Beginning of the Universe. And that you and I are Eternal Beings and will live on beyond our own death either in Heaven with Jesus or in Hell without HIM.

When you have read the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Isaiah and Revelation at least once we then can continue this conversation. You owe it to yourself and to no one else to find out who the TRUE GOD IS.

You are now on my prayer list. May the One True GOD bless you as you SEEK HIM OUT. You will be amazed as you read HIS Word that you will find yourself written within its pages.


Sometimes a letter is better, because they will read the letter and there is no one there to argue with. It’s OK to walk away. Luke 18:8, Mark 6:11 and Luke 8: 5-7

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