Teddy Lillian

The following is for those of you that have family or friends
Who died in the HOLOCAUST or SURVIVED.

The clouds of war blocked the sun over Europe. Evil given permission by God was now going to have its day. This day of shadows was to last 4 years. The master planner of this horror, satan, was going to get his fill of souls for a short time. For satan, like an unruly dog is on a leash, held by the Hand of Almighty God.

During this time satan would destroy millions upon millions of people branded by Hitler unfit to live; including 6 million Jews. Many Jews in the thousands escaped by leaving Europe in the years before the doors were shut. But not my parents. They could not believe nor envision the evil that human beings with black hearts were capable of doing to their own kind. And so they stayed, and were ensnared. They not only lost things they cherished, but the precious lives of loved ones.

Armin and Margaret my parents were never the same. My mother lost her entire family; my father lost his wife and two children. Teddy, a boy, was nine years old and had deep chocolate eyes. Lillian, a girl, was eleven years old with eyes the color of the sky and hair like wheat in the sunlight.

After the war was over both my parents were re-united in the immigration camp. My father formerly my mother’s brother-in-law, and my mother formerly the sister of my father’s wife. It took 2 years for them to regain their health. They married in the camp and I was born in the camp in 1947. Their mutual loses drew them together into a marriage built on a foundation of pain and suffering. But God in His Mercy brought them comfort in each other and blessed them with me; a new life to cherish into the future.

Prior to immigrating, Jews who lost homes were allowed to go back to the cities where they had lived and reclaim their homes should they want to. Most found nothing left to come home too and so they immigrated all over the world.

In the case of my father the people occupying his home allowed him to go into the backyard and dig up a box that he had hidden in the earth. A box filled with treasures, jewelry, and money. These things had no value to him…but the pictures…OH Dear God, the pictures…the images of love and life lost; he gently held close to his heart and brought them with him.

Armin had walked his own “Via Delarosa”; his road of suffering. At its end he found only misty memories of the past. He had lived through hell on earth just to be able to touch the hands of his children and hold his wife once again. But they …were no more. His hands shook and all the pent up anguish came out in great sobs and tears as he held 3 pictures of 3 hearts gently against his breast…Teddy, Lillian and the only remaining picture of his wife as they stood bride and groom together looking forward to a bright future.

And so he walked forward into a new life clutching the old life…crying out to God…WHY? but only hearing the sound of silence. He never understood till his dying day that it was satan who robbed him…not God.
Teddy and Lillian died a horrible death. Their mother stood with the two of them clutching each other among a packed room of strangers. They were all naked in a shower room. There was silence as they all heard the hissing sound together at the same time. No water came forth, just the sound of gas, then the sound of choking, then the screams of pain from their eyes and the burning in their lungs.

They clung together Lillian, Teddy and their mother. They fell together with the rest of the people. And they were buried together in a mass unmarked grave.

My tears flow as I write this for here on my desk are both Teddy and Lillian, captured in a moment of time gazing at me. Their eyes so filled with life. Anger burns in my soul, yet I hear the whisper of God calling to me…” ernie, the actions of mankind are no longer human, but the result of a disease all humans have called Sin. A disease for which I have provided a cure. People who choose not to take the cure will be dealt with individually when they stand before me. Revenge and Justice towards all evil is mine alone, Ernie…JUSTICE and REVENGE will be SERVED by ME!”

Teddy and Lillian live today in heaven before their Lord. No more tears for the Lord has wiped them from their eyes. They wait patiently for me in Heaven to come to them and I look eagerly to that day of reunion.
I have one more sibling that died young; to be exact after 4 months of life. My Aunt Bella a strong willed woman ruled this family of immigrants here in Detroit. One day Bella came by and took my mother for a ride to her son’s business. My mother was not feeling well; she seemed to have gained some weight.

My mother never recovered mentally from her experience in the camps. She was timid, shy, meek and quiet. My father was not home at the time. And so Aunt Bella took my mother to her son the doctor. He was a very prominent doctor, so prominent that he specialized doing favors for the Jewish mob in Detroit. The favors were abortions for their daughters when they became pregnant.

So it happened that two heartless people teamed together to bring an unsuspecting woman onto an examination table and then proceed to abort, to murder my sister. She too cried out in agony, the silent scream from my mother’s womb that only God could hear.I learned of this a few months after the death of my mother when I was in my thirties. My father, very ill himself needed to confess this atrocity that he kept hidden in his heart for years. Aunt Bella died a forgotten old woman alone; she took her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills.

Her son while butchering an unborn child in the womb of his crime bosses daughter, made an error and she died. He ended up in prison. One year later he was found in his cell with a rope around his neck, hanging from the ceiling.

Yes my sister with no name died a horrible death within the womb of my mother at the age of 4 months. The one with no name was cheated out of life and I was cheated out of knowing her, just as I was cheated out of knowing Teddy and Lillian. But all three are alive waiting in HEAVEN for me to finally come home. JESUS will watch as the 4 of us embrace and wipe the tears of Joy from each other’s eyes.

If you have a child that has died; please know that JESUS made it clear in the Bible that ALL Children who die go immediately to Heaven. I too will be in heaven for our reunion because I looked upon HIM Whom I Pierced and said Lord Forgive Me…and JESUS DID.


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