CROSS Stitched into a Living Tapestry

Christian Quilt

In colonial days people would create quilts that served as a record of their families. These beautiful quilts would be made of remnant cloth patches. Each patch like a movie frame captured an event in the life of that family.

The patches would be embroidered with multicolored thread that provided the details of those scenes of life that told the story of the family. It became a tapestry of the life of one family’s history.

Did you know there is another tapestry you may be part of? It is different from the tapestry of life created by people to record the past history of one single family.

The other tapestry is a living tapestry of the family that was Redeemed and bought by the blood of the Son of God. Jesus paid on the Cross for each member of His family throughout time…past, present and future.

It has been said by someone else that each believer is but one thread in a Grand Tapestry that is being woven throughout time by the very hand of God Himself.

Believers represent a multitude of colored threads made up of every nation, and tribe of people that have been CROSS Stitched together with the one Crimson colored thread of the Lord Jesus Christ…forming a living tapestry of people who have Eternal Life. People who will NOT Experience the Eternal 2nd Death.

The embroidered story of our lives represents bitterness and sweetness. Times of sorrow when prayers go unanswered and we must trust The Lord as we wait patiently on HIM. And then times of great joy and worship of the Living God. Both are woven together to tell our individual stories.

But then something else happens. God takes our thread and weaves it to create touch points with the threads of other people and then He CROSS Stitches the Crimson thread of His Son around two people at the same time.

These times in my life have been few, but when they happen my heart grows warm within me and I feel inexpressible joy. God weaves me together with another believer or a person who is a True Seeker of Christ; forming a moment in time that is precious beyond words.

It is here that I have an opportunity to strengthen the faith of someone, or to defend the name of Jesus. Or it is a moment in time where I am humbled to hear the story of another believer and how the Lord Jesus carries their Cross for them and they still through all the pain can have JOY in the Morning.

These are times when we share the story of our storms in life and realize Jesus is always with us; through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT who lives in us. These are times JESUS becomes so real to us that our walk by Faith almost becomes a walk by sight…we can FEEL HIS Presence.

This living tapestry made up of believers in Christ is difficult to visualize. From our perspective at best all we see are the threads from underneath the tapestry. We cannot see the grandeur of the story being woven above.

So life gets the best of us more often than not in our journey of faith. We get disappointed; the brightness of our hope grows faint as we continue to look through a mirror dimly.

But then, when we need it most, because He loves us and understands our need…JESUS CROSS Stitches two threads that believe in HIM with His own Crimson thread. Then the Scriptures become real again, because we can feel His Presence as He said…”For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
Matthew 18:20 .

As I said these moments of True Reality and clarity of Mind, Soul, Heart and Purpose have been rare. When they do happen Heaven melts into Earth, my Spiritual senses become heightened within me and I feel the touch of the Masters Hand…and am humbled.

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