From My Heart to Yours….Thank You


It began with a book. For 2 years I would write late in the evenings and then early in the mornings before work. I tried to publish my book “Crosses Everywhere”, but could gain no interest. I then began a ministry to churches in Michigan in 1992 called “The Remnant Ministries” focusing on Jewish Evangelism. There was an interest at churches to hear about their Jewish Roots at that time. I did Evangelistic Messiah in the Passover Presentations and taught Jewish Evangelism Classes. The interest in churches began to dry up by 1997 and so did Remnant Ministries. I then changed my writing to focus on the Person of Christ and the need for evangelism to all those we love and have relationships with and want to be in Heaven with us.
This new purpose came with a new name “Crosses Everywhere” and a website. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to use the stories to reach “ONE HEART AT A TIME because the internet now created an outreach to the world.

In 2011 the interest in Michigan Churches in Crosses Everywhere started up again and continued to grow until Elyse and I relocated to Arizona in June of 2014. I continued reaching out to 25 churches here in Phoenix, but as hard as I tried to start the ministry here, nothing has happened. I then changed my focus to looking for opportunities to give my Testimony only. But have found no interest in the churches here in Phoenix regarding hearing how an Orthodox Jew raised by Holocaust Survivor’s became a Christian.

I began to pray asking WHY nothing was happening. Then I remembered that it was not about me but about Jesus and HIS WILL for my life and HIS Timing. And that it was not about reaching out and teaching groups of people but reaching “ONE HEART AT A TIME”.

Recently I received my first Annual Report from WordPress and I thought I would share this with you. WordPress hosts my website Since June I had come to the conclusion that Crosses Everywhere was a waste of time and I was ready to shut it down.

I have always prayed for opportunities to share my faith, even with one person. Through the years of speaking at churches I have spoken to 8 people and up to 1,500 people at one time. I have spoken to Adult Bible Fellowship Classes on Sundays and Home Bible Study Groups as well. I would do it for one person if asked. Because the Lord cares about “ONE HEART AT A TIME”.

I was amazed and in shock about the following information.

Crosses Everywhere Annual Report Statistics for 2014
60 Countries with followers
7 Comments (very few), they read but rarely comment.
62 blog followers, they get alerts when I post a new message

Current Count of Views and Messages since Creating Crosses Everywhere
7,149 Views since Crosses was created.
742 Posts / Messages on Crosses Everywhere

I am thankful and re-inspired to continue writing and posting to CrossesEverywhere and will continue to include the posts on Face Book. People rarely comment but evidently they do read the messages.
I am truly blessed and honored to be used by the Holy Spirit to plant one seed at a time in “ONE HEART AT A TIME” that needs to change.

I wanted to share this with you, not because of pride, but humility that God would use me. Lately I have been re-reading my messages. I honestly do not understand how the words have come out of me other than to say they come from the One who lives in me.

My prayer is that He is using you too. Because the DAWN of ETERNITY is HERE.
In HIM I found me.

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