WHO are you?

WHO are you

I want you to use your imagination. The Picture has two shells. They represent 2 very different people.
PERSON A, has 5 senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Touch. They were blessed at birth with everything needed from God so they could appreciate the world that God made for them to enjoy. God gave them 5 senses for exploring the world around them so they would be without excuse regarding the fact that the world was made by God.

Yet this person has not found the One True Living God yet. Their 5 senses have only enhanced their pride and enabled them to focus on living out their will and not the Will of God for their life. They walk the earth with a heart of stone following the wide road that is taking them to their Eternal 2nd Death. They are referred to in the Bible as part of the Many.

PERSON B, has only 3 senses: Smell, Taste and Touch to explore our world with. But is missing Sight and Hearing. You would expect this person to be unable to explore their world and gain the knowledge that there is a God who made the earth and all that is in it including them. Yet even with a huge disadvantage of having only 3 senses and living a life both blind and deaf to everything around them; they were able to come to the knowledge of the One True God and REPENT and ACCEPT the DEATH of JESUS for their Sins on the CROSS.

They were given SALVATION, a new circumcised heart of Flesh that now beats in time with the heart of JESUS while pumping Royal Blood because they have become a Child of the KING. They are a Living Stone chosen by Jesus to be part of HIS ONE TRUE CHURCH.

PERSON B died many years ago. Her Name is Helen Keller. God gave Helen a 6th Sense that PERSON A never received. That 6th Sense is imparted to every Believer in Jesus. It is the Indwelling Holy Spirit who then guides us home during this bitter / sweet journey called life here on earth.

Helen Keller Said: “I had always known about God, even before I had any words. Even before I could call God anything, I knew God was there”.

Helen lived a life of True Faith. She could Hear with her heart, See with her soul. She was guided by a hand she could not hold. She trusted in a way she could not see, because with her that was what Faith must be!

Today Helen is in Heaven with her Savior, she Hears HIS Voice and no longer walks by Faith, but by SIGHT.

WHO are you? Person A or Person B ?

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