Elect Christian or Messianic Jew…Our Purpose is the SAME in CHRIST !

Pillar Fire 2

As an Elect CHRISTIAN, Jesus has given you the same Command that He gave the Nation of Israel in its beginning. “To Be a Witness”. The following story will help you better understand Your Purpose in Christ which is the same for me as a Chosen Messianic Jew.

“Yes, I got the message…I’m heading out right away! WAIT don’t hang up! Did you look in the mirror? Yes, the mark, I have it too. Don’t worry I’ll be there in time for the INGATHERING. For years now the Jewish Believers have had their own Messianic Ingathering’s. But now the call has come from the HOLY SPIRIT to meet for the FINAL ingathering. For the end of the age of mankind has begun and TIME will Soon Be NO MORE.

Fire has swept away the genealogy of every living Jewish person since the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 AD. NO LONGER did we know which tribe our families came from, yet the call was irresistible and so we each came alone to the meeting place.

Like the animals coming together to the Ark that Noah built, we too came forth from out of the Nations of the Earth. Each of us a member of the chosen witnesses from eternity past, each of us a member of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Together we came from every tribe and every tongue and every nation to meet the Lord in the Desert.

We came to meet with the LION of the Tribe of Judah, the KING of kings, the LORD of lords to be taught what we must now do prior to HIS Second Coming.

The Signs are all around us, the time is short, His True laborers, as throughout the centuries, will be few. Because of the ongoing events on the Earth and the Signs in the Heavens the fields are again ripe unto Harvest. Jesus has called us to Himself to meet in a desert place where He will teach us as He did the 12 so long ago, to be effective evangelists during the time of Jacob’s trouble.

A time of final salvation for those who have ears to hear and eyes that see. Since Pentecost the call to Christians has always been to evangelize effectively.

That meant to be able to plant seeds into hearts that will TAKE ROOT. Not to just throw seeds out onto rocky places, or the side of the road or among the thorns. JESUS wants quality seeds placed into the hearts of people.

This war was given by God in the end times to the WESTERN world to fight, yet the church has been ineffective as the Apostate Church of the WEST grows larger each day.

Just a short distance further over the next rise I can see a halo of light in the distance. I expected millions of people to be there because the light grew in intensity as I approached. Just then my head breached the crest of the hill and I was stunned by what I saw.

The children of Israel were lead by the Lord at night by a pillar of fire; so too was a pillar of fire standing before me. This was Holy Fire that bathed 144,000 Jewish men in white light.

This light permeated my soul and then I knew what tribe I belonged to. And I knew where to walk so that I could take my place prepared for me in eternity past, to STAND in the presence of the LIVING LORD.

There were peels of thunder and lightning illuminating the valley of decision where we were all gathered waiting for instructions. Then the words came forth from The LORD’S Mouth.

They were whispered, yet audible to both the storm and to us…BE STILL and know that I AM God, now hear the WORD of the LORD from my Servant.

It grew quiet instantly. Then a ray of light beamed down from Heaven next to Jesus and when the piercing white light dissipated, standing next to Jesus was a small man.

The scene reminded me of what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration. Out of that same white light stood Jesus and Moses and Elijah. Moses representing the Law and Elijah representing the Prophets and Jesus representing the WORD of Truth, the FOUNDATION upon which both the Law and the Prophets stood.

Yet here there was only one man not two standing next to Jesus. It was the Apostle Paul who stood before us. Paul; the Apostle that Christ built His ONE TRUE CHURCH through. The Church of Christ built with living stones made up of Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians.

Then it was Paul who began to address us on the topic of evangelism. His words cut to our hearts and souls. This was no game; this was the war of the ages for the hearts and minds of people. People like the ones that Christ looked down from the Cross-at and said, ”Father forgive them for they know NOT what they do”.

Those words apply to every human being that has not come to the realization that they are Sinners in desperate need of a SAVIOR. Paul began recounting his teachings on evangelism by reviewing his journey through the Book of Acts. His was a journey of preaching that continually focused on the un-deniable Historic FACT of the Cross of Christ, and His RESURRECTION.

Paul spoke to us about the perversion of the Gospel in the Book of Galatians. He explained to people back then about the soon coming of another gospel, a false gospel that would lure people down the wide road to a false Christ.

He spoke of Timothy a young pastor who needed to stay true to what he was taught from the beginning and not water down the Gospel based on the changing whims of generations. Timothy must remain true to the unchanging Doctrines given by Christ at the birth of His Church.

The fact that the church did not stay true to the teaching of Christ has caused the apostasy of the Western Church making it ineffective.

Paul then ended his course on evangelism by taking us through the Book of Ephesians discussing the ARMOR of GOD. He said that we all must take up the full Armor of God because this war is not physical but spiritual.

To wear this armor means NO FEAR of men or demons. It was Paul who stood alone in his time for Christ. And now he stands before us with an indictment of the Church through the ages that is now culminating with the Church of the WEST in our days… at the end of the end times.

I still hear the echo of Paul’s voice as he lamented:

“Oh my churches, dying churches, are you not the chosen bride? Oh my churches, dying churches. How could you abandon Christ?”

Then Christ stood and said no longer would the Gospel be left in the hands of believers. Too many believers never grew beyond the milk of MY word. Too many remained within the comforts of fellowship with other Christians rather than going into the world around them, Boldly confronting the darkness.

Too many of them spent time learning how to live their Christian life and walk quietly before friends and family, rather than learning how to effectively weald the SWORD of the SPIRIT… in the unseen war all around them.

And so as Jesus continued to speak to us HE said the Believers were no longer on the earth. They have been SNATCHED / Raptured up into heaven where they will wait along with the great cloud of witnesses; for the final appointed time of the end of the age of mankind. They have done what they could but it was not good enough!

And Jesus looking out amongst the 144,000 Jews said… I turn back to you once again for this final hour of Salvation. Not as a Nation but as MY Chosen Jewish SPIRITUAL WARRIORS of Israel.

I gave the task of world reconciliation to your father Abraham through Isaac and to a people numbered greater than the sands of the seashore but they failed. Then I came to my own and they knew me not. And then my Church was born and they failed as well. This task of evangelism I now give to you to complete; so that the circle of life can be closed and finally fulfilled.

And a new world without end can be born again.

I am giving all of you the task assigned to the 12 Apostles over 2,000 years ago. But I have multiplied your number to 144,000. All of you will be empowered for witness and sealed by the Holy Spirit for protection. You will walk in the darkness of this world and touch the hearts of multitudes on behalf of ME.

Hearts will be made NEW and You will not fail.

So go forth into the world in the might and power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Have no fear of men or demons. Take the Sword of the Spirit and cut into the hearts of mankind everywhere with the true Gospel and I will give the increase…Until the Nets are Full and the last one who was called to believe from eternity past… finally Will Believe.

The roar of the chant from the 144,000 Jews echoed like peals of thunder throughout the Universe…Even So Come Lord Jesus…Even So Come Lord Jesus… Even So Come Lord Jesus they chanted in unison. Then the Lord of Heaven and Earth, the King of Angels and the King of Men raised His right hand before His FATHER in Heaven and then before us. There was silence. Then just as He did from His Cross …Jesus roared forth the words that would put the Universe on notice for the last time…

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