In the beginning God

Who else could speak with knowledge about the beginning except the person (The Triune God) who was there? If you become a serious Bible Student you will realize as you read that nowhere does GOD take the time to defend Himself or any of His statements about anything. The closest He comes to defending His word is in Job. And even there God makes NO defense of who He is, rather He makes it clear that Job has no right to make comments or even ask a question of HIM. Read Job ch.40 thru 42 vs.6.

HE IS GOD…we are His Creatures !

That is the beginning of knowledge about God and the beginning of our limited understanding of His Purposes for us.

Just as the world had a beginning so too must your witnessing. Everything you will say to a non-believer in defense of HIS Word has its basis anchored in the Autobiography of God disclosed to us ONLY in His Bible. For anyone to take your statements seriously they must objectively examine the evidence for our faith in the Bible and be open to the conclusion it gives. Using the word of God means the persons argument is with God Himself and not your words.

To get anywhere in witnessing to those around us we must be able to prove the Bible is Historical and Speaks Literally to us through Inspired Authors (Prophets and 12 Apostles) chosen by GOD centuries ago. NO ONE speaks for GOD today through any kind of new revelation. No Pope, NO Pastor, NO Reverend, No self-appointed Apostle, No self-proclaimed Prophet on TV.

The word of GOD to His Creatures ended in the Book of Revelation. Those who claimed to speak for GOD have formed the world’s religions which in turn are spawned from the pit. Not one of those religious books can stand under historical, archeological, scientific and most of all Prophetic scrutiny. They were ALL created by Satan, the god of this world.

Today, GOD only speaks to us from HIS WORD…and nowhere else and through no one else! There is NO new revelation from GOD that is not contained between the pages of the Books of Genesis thru Revelation!

The Bible you own is ONE BOOK. With ONE HERO….JESUS, with One villain….satan, with ONE Theme….SALVATION and ONLY ONE Purpose….to Glorify GOD.

JESUS…. lived a REAL LIFE.

Jesus… came back from the dead. An Intelligent Mind needs no more proof !

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