2 Symbols ONE Gift

2 Symbols that Became ONE Gift, so we could have SALVATION.

Star and Cross

Through the years I have been given a few precious gifts from people.

The Cross was given to me by a co-worker at a printing company back in the 80’s. I showed him a picture of a Cross I saw in a magazine that I wanted to buy but could not afford. He liked it too. He was retiring in 3 months from his job. The day came, and the company took 10 minutes to gather everyone to honor him. When it was over before he left he said he had something for me. We went out to his car and he presented me with the gift of the Cross. No he did not buy it. He made it for me. We cried tears of Joy together. He is my brother in Christ.

The Star of David was given to me by a person at a Church I spoke at. My message that Sunday was entitled “The Star of David and The Cross of Christ”. Two Ancient Symbols that came together in one moment of time to CHANGE the WORLD and YOU for Eternity. The man said he had been making the Stars of David for many years and giving them to Jewish people when he witnessed to them. He said he had just finished 12 more and could not think of someone better equipped to hand them out. He gave me a unique and different perspective as to the Christian meaning to him of the Star of David.

If you have the time go to the Audio Category and listen to “Star of David and Cross of Christ”. I gave the message 3 years ago that tie the two Symbols together. I promise you that there is a significant meaning to the Star of David for Christians that I as a Jew never could have seen until he explained what the Star of David meant to him. It will warm your heart and fill you with JOY to hear this message.

It’s ALL ABOUT JESUS…..not me.



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