SRN News Religion Headlines

1/14/15 Headlines from SRN NEWS….Religion
SRN News

If you are a TRUE Believer in the Lord Jesus and have a personal relationship that began at the foot of His Cross, then you will understand my comments on the Religious headlines below.

Pastor who performed gay marriage keeps ordination

Ernie: Do you support the Rouge Denominations that support the Agenda of
The Anti-Christ, The False Messiah, to whom the entire world
Will Bow Down To VERY SOON?

Vatican Document Signals Possible Shift in Attitude toward Gays, Unmarried Couples

Ernie: You know when a form of man’s religion has finally arrived; when they can
Un-ashamedly change the WORDS OF GOD and put out their own Scriptures.

App Smart/ Playing “God Games”

Ernie: This is much better than the real life building of the Tower of Babel. The App
can reach and destroy the minds of people far better and faster. Who are we
to play the Role of the Living GOD? The GOD that WILL JUDGE EVERYONE.
THE GOD that Will NOT BE MOCKED. The GOD who still offers HIS Payment
Plan for Your Sins called……”SIN NOW…PAY LATER!

Atheist Churches Gain in Popularity around US, World

Ernie: The small god of this world is preparing to take it over. All Religions except one
have been created by man and not GOD. The Great END TIMES DECEPTION
Is building its Foundation NOW.

Robot writes Jewish Torah Scroll.

Ernie: Typical of today, now even a Robot can write scripture, just like our movie
Industry can make Biblical Epics that are True to the Word of GOD
(Sarcasm for those that don’t get it).

Pastor Joel Osteen Speaks at NYC Book Signing for New book, “I Declare”

Ernie: Joel’s last book declared “Your Best Life Now” which is opposite to the
Word of GOD. I guess Joel never studied about Heaven or for that matter
Hell. Now Joel has chosen to use the most popular word of the god of this
world (Satan). The Word that the ONE TRUE GOD hates the most, because
it is filled with PRIDE. Read the Scripture below to see what GOD did to Satan.
Joel Osteen should start thinking about what will come out of his mouth when
he stands before JESUS.
“ I “. SATAN’S FIVE “I WILLS” (ISAIAH 14:12-15).

Rick Warren: Healthy churches have pastors who stay

Ernie: Healthy churches have pastors who know the Word of God and preach His
Words; not their own.

Dean Curry: How many churches does Jesus have in your community?

Ernie: Great Question, do you know the answer as to whether Jesus attends
Your church?

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