2 Blood Lines in the Sand

lines in the sandThere have been two lines of blood running parallel in the sands of the Middle East throughout history. The first is the blood of Jesus, the eternal Son of God who existed before the manger, in eternity past with God the Father. The Cross and the Blood of Christ are anchored in the sands of the Middle East. The line of blood shed by Jesus on the Cross runs back into eternity and forward into the future.

The other line of shed blood is that of the Jews, the Nation of Israel. Both lines of blood will merge at the very end of time when Jesus comes back again. Jesus will come back to His Chosen People and finally the Called and Chosen REMNANT of Israel, only 1/3rd of the nation will… “Mourn for Him whom they have pierced” and be healed… Saved from Eternal Death in Hell.

And so from the time of Abraham till today the nation of Israel continues to wait for the coming of their Messiah and his peace. They wait in blindness to the words of their own Scriptures. Still not recognizing the fact that their Messiah has already come according to Gods plan and soon will come a second time fulfilling Old Testament Messianic prophecy.

Satan, recognizing that Jesus came already, now awaits his own destruction and continues to persecute the Jews whom he hates and to mislead the rest of the world through his World religions into a choice based on ignorance that leads people on the path to hell rather than heaven through Christ.

It’s interesting how you can light one candle in the darkness and the darkness flees from the light, such is the power of light. Jesus claimed to be the truth, the light of the world. The world has seen a great light, but it seems that since His coming 2,000 years ago His light has diminished and the darkness is growing.

The more familiar you are with the Greatest Story Ever Told, the more you understand the times we live in …that they are called the End – times by Jesus. The end-times are also unveiled in the Book of Daniel. What has changed in our world that now the darkness grows ever greater as the light recedes and the minds of men grow dim? It is a sign of the end-times.

The Lord has asked us to witness because the fields of harvest are ripe. There is an urgency to do so because “Soon the night will come” and the light and the Truth will not be found. But witnessing is not getting easier, it’s getting harder.

This darkness that is all around is not physical but Spiritual. We are experiencing the lengthening of the darkness of the night of Sin. The world grows dark as do the minds and the hearts of mankind.
Jesus, his life, death, resurrection and ascension really happened in time and space. It is the most documented Historical fact in the ancient world.

Yet people choose to ignore the facts and choose not to believe. In fact people are so busy in their daily lives trying to build their mini empires of things, things that they will leave this world without; that they will not even take the time to understand the God/Man who came back from the Dead.

This darkness is not a physical darkness you can see, but darkness of the soul and mind causing us to see life through a mirror dimly. God has said, the time will come when we will see everything that is wrong become right and what is right become wrong. It refers to a moral decay, whose time HAS NOW COME !

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