Tolkien and C.S.Lewis

return of the kingWill Your Book of Life be FACT or FICTION ?
Will YOU become one of the FORGOTTEN?

Tolkien created a story of fiction about Hobbits. He crafted a world that was made into a movie called Lord of the Rings. The story is about Good and evil and about the providence of a higher power who is in control of all the events. The last book of this trilogy was called the Return of the King.

Tolkien was a believer in the True King and weaved a tale based on the God of Christianity and His principles contained in the Bible.

C.S. Lewis was a believer in the True King who wrote another story that was made into a movie called the Chronicles of Narnia. It was based on the Son of God in Christianity. The story of a Lion King named Aslan who lived and died and came back from the dead.

Why is it so easy for us to embrace the writings of authors that contain the truth wrapped up in fiction? Yet, it is so difficult for us to read The Book of All Truth that tells the real story of Good and evil and the Return of the REAL King.

The King who walked out of the pages of prophecy into the Judean desert among people who were made from the dust beneath His feet.

The HOLY One with the titles of King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The LION of the Tribe of Judah, the Redeemer, the Christ, the Messiah…the Son of God.

So why did this King leave heaven to become one of us?

He came because He can see the end from the beginning. He can see the ultimate joy of each one of us who have put their faith in the FACTS of the life He lived here on earth. He came to make himself known to the world He created; not only through His Creation but through His own Life, Death and Resurrection, and Ascension.

He came to lead by example, so we could touch, taste, feel, see and hear…
The Truth about HIS 2nd Coming; which will protect us from the Lies of the coming False Messiah.

Why would He come here to die for you? Because, He would rather die for you than live without you. He alone is your Salvation; there is no other name under heaven by which you can be saved. Without Jesus your life will have become FICTION and You will become one of the FORGOTTEN for Eternity.

Jesus ….a real person.

Jesus…. who lived a real life.

Jesus….who died a real death on the Cross.

Jesus… who came back from the dead.

2,000 years ago at the appointed time, He came forth as predicted in the Old Testament. The prophetic bones of the Messiah, long buried in the desert sands of time and eternity, walked out of the pages of the New Testament as Immanuel “God with us” at the Fullness of Time. The God/Man wrapped in bones with flesh and blood; the prophesied Son of God, Jesus the long awaited Messiah of Israel and the Christ of HIS TRUE CHURCH.

The ONE who already came at Gods appointed time and will COME again soon for His own at the yet future appointed time of HIS SECOND COMING only to Judge this shadow world filled with fallen souls!

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