Back to Your Future

Part 2 of 4

past present future
When I originally read Gods declaration that said it was He that knit me together in my mother’s womb and that He knew me before the foundations of the world were ever made….well what can I say….I wanted to go “BACK to the FUTURE”.

The imagination of our entertainment industry is producing movies based on what we know of the past and today. Then they draw from limited knowledge and postulate about what the future holds.

Amazingly if you look closely you will find Biblical themes and words from the Bible in their movies…especially science fiction. The most recent Superman parallels Christ in that mankind needs a Savior. The Transformers represent hidden guardians of mankind like the Angels watching over us, protecting us.

The same goes for the horror films that explore occult themes; many of which delve into the themes of Judgment written in the Book of Revelation.

Every scene of these movies and every word is nothing more than fiction portrayed as reality. The writers mix truth, error, fiction, legends and fairy tales together to weave stories that excite our imaginations.

Well I have found in studying the Bible a greater fascination with the Truth of Gods Word than the musings of men.

In a very real sense Truth is stranger than Fiction. God has already recorded the past, the present and the future. The fascinating thing is that you literally can read the end of the story if you have the courage to do so.

Have you read the entire story through to the end? I have, several times through the years. I have gone back in time through recorded history, back in time to the beginnings of creation and the universe; and back in time to the creation of an Angelic Race. And I have traveled into the future to read tomorrow’s headlines and the end of the story. It is both Awesome and Fascinating!

But you can go even further, you can go “Back to the Future”, into Gods Mind and find yourself there. There you will find out that He has a plan for your life. Not a plan that requires you to be a robot, but a plan that you can choose of your own free will to follow; a plan for your life that has meaning beyond your life.

If you follow His plan you can have a future with Him. If you choose not to follow His plan …then you have a future without Him.

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