Only The Truth Will Set You Free !

Jesus, his life, death, resurrection and ascension really happened in time and space. It is the most documented Historical fact in the ancient world.

Yet people choose to ignore the facts and choose not to believe. In fact people are so busy in their daily lives trying to build their mini empires of things, things that they will leave this world without; that they will not even take the time to understand the God/Man who came back from the Dead.

This darkness is not a physical darkness you can see, but darkness of the soul and mind causing us to see life through a mirror dimly. God has said, the time will come when we will see everything that is wrong become right and what is right become wrong. It refers to a moral decay, whose time has now come.

In the Judeo/Christian Bible the God who created everything provides us a summary of mankind’s history …past, present and future. It represents man’s beginning as a corporeal being to his becoming a spiritual being that will live forever.

Genesis 1 & 2: God created all things and established His
Authority over all mankind and His creation.

Genesis 3: Mankind rebels against Gods Authority.

Gen. 4 – Rev.: God moves through history to re-establish
His Authority over all mankind.

That history includes the pre-flood era. When mankind walked in such darkness, and Sin that God chose to destroy all mankind except 8 people. When the Book of Revelation mentions “and the Sea will give up its dead”; I believe it is referring to pre-flood humanity.

The Book of Revelation speaks about the destruction of mankind again. This time it will not be by water, but by fire. But instead of only 8 people surviving, God in His mercy and grace has spared a Remnant of people throughout history, billions of people throughout time that will inherit eternal life in heaven through faith in his Son. God has given us the equation to understand the difference between the Few who are saved and the Many who will perish. 1/3 will gain Eternal Life and 2/3 will gain Eternal Death.

Born AgainWho but God could have come up with it…. GOD BECOMING A MAN …so HE could rescue some of us. “Some of us”, because His word tells us there will only be a Remnant (a few), who will take HIS outstretched hand and be saved.

Darkness fills our time but we wait for the Glorious day when time is no more and the Dawn of Eternity will break.

We wait patiently, in peace of mind and heart, able to Stand Alone in Faith awaiting our coming King….because we believe that the Bible IS God’s Word…and God never lies!

Are you part of the 1/3 Remnant who have been Born Again and have Eternal Life? Or have you chosen to be part of the 2/3 that will have Eternal Death? The paradox is that the CHOICE is yours…God will only confirm YOUR CHOICE in the end.

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