What Thanksgiving Means To Me

For just once, can Thanksgiving be about someone else, rather than about me and the stuff I want.

A wise man once said we all live in a constant state of worry. We worry about how we can get the things in life that we think we need. Then when we have them, we worry about losing them…we’re never happy… never content, we have no peace.

To my shame, as a Believer, I am more often consumed with me and making me happy by satisfying my wants and desires rather than considering anyone else’s.

That’s when I feel the worlds pull and momentarily forget Who bought me, Redeemed me and to Whom I now belong.

Well, I am approaching 68. After all these years I have learned painfully that every decision I have made has either a positive or negative consequence on those I love.

The impact of any decision is always greater on those I love than on me. I can take my own pain. But the pain I cause others is too much for me to bear and breaks my heart.

As Thanksgiving approaches my thoughts are not about the things money can buy…the stuff of life we feel we must have that causes us to be in debt for years. The stuff the world says I need to satisfy the BODY I still rent space in while here.

Thanksgiving is about the needs of others, my family, my friends, my neighbors and even you. It’s about seeing the silent cries of those around you and showing them you care. It’s about a great love and passion for the LOST.

I am thankful to JESUS for His mercy to me. That through the Cross Jesus has provided me a new birth, a new life and a new destination for eternity.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. One in which our forefather’s thanked the Lord for His grace, mercy, protection and provision by meeting their NEEDS.

Thanksgiving should be an attitude of prayer. We thank GOD for His abundant daily provisions to us.

BUT MOST OF ALL, we need to pray for those we love to come to the CROSS and thank, KING JESUS “who FOR THE JOY set before HIM, ENDURED the Cross, DESPISING the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

JESUS who came to Seek and Save the LOST from themselves, so they might be FOUND.


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