Greater Punishment by JESUS

Lyrics from the song Dying Churches by Travis Cottrell on the Album Pressing On.

“The clouds are graveyard gray Winter settles in my bones.
News that comes is colder still 
Than these chains and prison stones.

You walk in shadow, turn from light , Weak and faltering chasing lies.
I have given you my all. 
Weary, broken, bruised and spent. 
Now there is word you have gone astray.
Any joy becomes lament.
 The freedom that Christ died to win You have perverted into sin.

I have poured out my life in Jesus’ name. Has all my labor been in vain?
Oh, my churches 
Dying churches. 
Are you not the CHOSEN BRIDE ?
Oh, my churches Dying Churches
How could you ABANDON CHRIST ?

Listening to this song…at first I heard it as a whisper, then as a quiet plea, but then it grew louder until it became a roar out of the mouth of Paul at the end as he wrote to Christian Churches who claimed to believe in the Risen Lord; “Why have you abandoned The LORD.”

So I ask you.
“Where are all the PREACHER’S today who teach the TRUTH of JESUS coming the 2nd Time ONLY in Judgement?”

Preacher’s are accountable for their flocks and therefore will receive a far greater punishment from JESUS if they are Misleading HIS SHEEP.

In Luke 18-8 asks the question “ When the Son of Man comes…will He find faith on the Earth ?”
This question applies to people in general. But First  and foremost to PREACHER’S, who are responsible for their congregation.

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