Are you a Christian, who will celebrate Halloween 2014?

Are you one of the FEW who will hear the SOUND of Gabriel’s Trumpet Call?
Or will you be one of the MANY who will be LEFT BEHIND?

Why can’t you STAND ALONE for CHRIST? Witnessing in LOVE to your Neighbors, Friends and Family giving them the Reasons WHY you cannot celebrate Halloween?

Maybe because you are a Carnal Christian? One that lives like the world, yet somehow God through His Grace and Mercy has accepted you as one of His Children. Yet, YOU do not live a life that honors the One who died for YOU on HIS CROSS.

SOON, THE WORLD will celebrate HALLOWEEN EVERYDAY; and every horror movie you have ever seen will become reality 24/7 for 3 1/2 YEARS !

SINCE YOU ENJOY WALKING ON THE DARK SIDE, maybe you should take the time to meet the REAL CREATURES who walk in the shadows alongside you that you cannot see.

There are other creatures that have been spoken into existence by the mouth
of God who were given the gift of existence and of free will. They exist in another
dimension, and have lived by sight before the face of God in eternity past. They
are eternal creatures that had the choice of accepting or rejecting God…they
chose to reject HIM and follow their leader satan.

For them the Truth remains an elusive echo within their hearts. For them there is
no Salvation only Condemnation. They know their fate, and they know their LORD.

They Tremble at HIS Name, they Fear His Coming…their Destiny is already
sealed and they know were they will spend eternity.

They are the Fallen Angels, who live in the shadows of darkness in our world.
God has included their testimony in His Word. It is the testimony of those already
condemned. And it substantiates the existence of Jesus the Son of God who
existed…before the foundations of the world were made.

It is the eyewitness testimony of creatures that have walked with God in eternity past.

Come with me as we open the Word of God and hear from the very lips of these
ancient dark angels for whom the Fear of God is just that…the Fear of His 2nd

You and I are fortunate. For us, if we know God through Jesus, the fear of God is
only the beginning of knowing and loving HIM. We have something the fallen
angels cannot ever again attain. We are FORGIVEN.


Red Moon

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