If you Believe in the Risen Lord Jesus The Messiah of Israel, The Christ of His One TRUE Church, The SON of GOD; then please click the link below and sit with the HOST of HEAVEN as together we PRAISE OUR LORD.

There are printed posters that list All the Names of GOD that you can read. But to hear His Names and see images within this video, WILL HUMBLE YOU. As I watched and listened MY EYES Poured out TEARS of JOY as the new circumcised heart that HE gave me was filled with JOY. HE IS….the ONE Who DIED for me. Watch and listen and be Blessed.

This short film was built for the sole purpose of exalting Jesus Christ and showcasing His majesty. This is a group of ordinary people declaring the many names of God as are revealed in progression throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The result is anything but “ordinary”.

We ALL are Ordinary People serving and EXTRAORDINARY GOD !


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