Greatest Man Alive Today


JESUS is the Only SON of GOD. You can find the details of His Life in the only HIStory Book on Earth that accurately describes the Past, Present and Future historical events of the beginning and ending of the Universe and Humanities existence in Time. That Book is the Bible. It is Pre-Written History by The TRUE GOD, given to us so that we would KNOW WHO HE IS and what to expect in the future.
The Bible is the most fascinating book ever written. The most amazing fact in the Bible is that YOU are written on its pages; because you are part of humanity. The Bible speaks about TWO ROADS with different destinations. You should set aside a few minutes each day to read; so you can have a HEADS UP as to which destination YOU are on the road to. Because once you get there, you will be there for ETERNITY.

Below is a list of a few of the Greatest Historically Documented Accomplishments of JESUS,
the SON of GOD.

JESUS the ONE Who:
…spoke the universe into existence from nothing
…created you and I
…created Angels
…parted the waters of the Red Sea
…became a baby born of a virgin
…became the God / Man, bringing HOPE for mankind
…commanded a storm to be still and walked on water
..healed the sick and the lame
…healed the deaf, the dumb and the blind
…created limbs where none existed
…fed thousands from a child’s sack lunch
…commanded fallen angels / demons to come out of people
…raised the dead and gave them life
…is a real person
…lived a real life and walked this Earth
…died a real death on the Cross
…came back from the dead

JESUS, the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. The GOD / Man. There has never been anyone else Born on earth LIKE HIM !
JESUS holds Your Future in HIS Hands. HE holds the Keys to the doors of both destinations. HE is coming back again within your life time to meet with you personally and then open the door to your Forever Place. Either in Heaven or in Hell.

Greatest Man Alive

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