Christian Curriculum

Are you a graduate of the Christian Curriculum?

If not, its really something you should consider. Its the only College Course that will literally Change Your Life while giving you a unique perspective about the world you live in and the place you will spend Eternity in Forever.

The curriculum is split up into 2 Major Parts. The First is the Old Testament. The Old Testament contains the History of the Nation of Israel through the events and the life stories of its people and its surrounding nations. Hidden within the Old Testament is the life and events of the Coming Messiah of Israel, but not HIS Name. All the Messianic Prophecies were and are to be used to identify the Messiah at His 1st Coming. Yet the rabbi’s missed it.

The Second is the New Testament. This book contains the Historically Documented Life and Events JESUS. The Anointed ONE, the Coming MESSIAH of the Nation of Israel and the CHRIST of HIS Church; The Lord Jesus, The Son of God. All of the pre-written , prophetic events regarding the life of Jesus, were documented by EYEWITNESS Accounts.

This book called the New Testament is the REVELATION to the world of the historically document life of Jesus the Son of God.

JESUS is the only person ever born into this world whose ancestry, birth time, forerunner, birthplace, birth manner, infancy, manhood, teaching character, career, preaching, reception, rejection, death, burial, resurrection and ascension were all prewritten in the most marvelous manner centuries before He was born.

JESUS the ONE Who:
….spoke the universe into existence from nothing
…created you and I
…created Angels
…parted the waters of the Red Sea
…became a baby born of a virgin
…became the God / Man, bringing HOPE for mankind
…commanded a storm to be still and walked on water
… healed the sick and the lame
…healed the deaf, the dumb and the blind
…created limbs where none existed
…fed thousands from a child’s sack lunch
…commanded fallen angels / demons to come out of people
…raised the dead and gave them life
…is a real person
…lived a real life and walked this Earth
…died a real death on the Cross
…came back from the dead

JESUS holds YOUR FUTURE in HIS Hands and HE is coming back again within Your Lifetime to meet with you personally. HE will direct you to your Next Destination.

Christian Curriculum

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