His Will, His Plan = Your Life

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word UNTIL as a point in Time of the Event that was mentioned.
God has said He has a plan for each one of HIS Children. Yet it is more than just a simple plan that He has designed for each of us. I believe when I finally go home to be with Him in Heaven I will be able to look back on my life and see and know how very intricate the road I walked really was.

The Word of God was given to us to learn from the examples of people who walked these roads before us. Their stories represent life lessons for us to review and benefit and grow from. They have conquered life’s adversities.


Our Bible is the only true book of Hope given by a Father to His children so they might always remember Him. We need to remember that He has been with us since before we were born and will be with us after this physical life is over.

For like Him we too are Eternal and will have never ending life. So in a real sense you my friend are invincible. You will not physically die until the last second of the plan God has created for you is finished.

That plan has to do with the WILL of God for your life. No, it’s not for a new car, or new job or new home. It’s not for clothes or all the things this world seduces believers with. His WILL is simple. It has never changed.

His WILL is for you to share the Gospel. That is the supreme mission in this life. We live solely to plant the True Gospel into the hearts of all those within the reach of our hands and the sound of our voice. Its all about GOOD SEED, planted into Good Soil.

So study the Life, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and 2nd COMING of the Lord JESUS. Then as the Lord brings people into your life to share the Gospel with. REACH into your Seed Bag and be brave and open your mouth. The Holy Spirit is in you and HE WILL GIVE YOU THE WORDS.

Good Seed

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