The Anvil of God

When you look back into the history of the civilizations of the world you will see a path of blood. Its always been there meandering throughout the globes topography. It’s a flowing river of crimson touching every human being throughout history.

You can walk this path of blood back in time seeing one culture pitted against another. One culture wields the mighty arm of Oppression, the other resists…fighting for its Freedoms.

Freedom and Oppression are the two titans embodied within every one of us. They are at odds continually. They represent two socio-economic views in opposition to each other on how to control people. Each wants harmony, but the methodologies are radically different. Oppression will make the decisions for you, while Freedom allows you to be an individual.

When the wall came down in Germany we all thought the deathblow had finally been administered to Oppression and the evil empire had now been crushed down into the earth.

The world was glad because now Freedom had gained yet another country. No longer would the oppressed be responsible to someone else thinking for them, making decisions for them…creating rules for them to live by.

The door for Freedoms family was open. Freedom grew quickly and Democracy and Capitalism could take their rightful place among the people bringing peace and tranquility to all.

People would now be able to think for themselves and do what they wanted and live a life of abundance. But there is a flaw within this new plan of Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism.

A flaw that runs deep into the very root of what it means to be a human being.

In our country living in abundance, having every desire, every want fulfilled is more dangerous to us than anything else. This simply is because at our core as human beings…it is always all about us. The SIN we were born with will lie, cheat, steal, and murder because we are driven to fulfill our lusts….not our needs or for that matter anyone else’s needs…only our lusts.

When people have freedom and all their needs are met they reach new lows as standards go further down every year. Yet worse than this is that they forget God, because they no longer need their daily bread from God.

In our arrogance and ignorance we think we are feeding ourselves. In actuality we have always been fed and always will be fed by the hand of God.

Beware of Freedom…for when you think you are strong you are weak and if you are proud you will find yourself on the ANVIL of GOD… And GOD WILL HUMBLE YOU !

Anvil of God

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