ISRAEL has stated years ago that they have the original Ark of the Covenant. They will soon place the Ark of the Covenant within the 3rd Temple and then begin again their Sacrificial System for the Atonement of their sins. Focusing only on the sins of the Jewish people.

God called out Israel from the Nations of the Earth to witness to a world filled with the demonic religions created by Satan for the false worship of mankind. Israel was to witness to this fallen world by showing them the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD of Israel. That is why the Temple contained a Court of the Gentiles. Instead of embracing Gentile Believers into Judaism they segregated them making them a step child of God. Israel failed in their call to witness to the world.

Israel will soon re-build their 3rd Temple without the Court of Gentiles. In essence saying again only Jews matter to GOD.

God allowed the destruction of their Sacrificial System in 70 AD. Why, because there is no longer a need for it. JESUS the SON of GOD died on the CROSS as the ONE TIME for ALL TIME SACRIFICE for all who would believe. No longer would Gentiles be step children.

The True Church of GOD is now made up of Living Stones made of flesh. Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians ARE the ONLY Children of GOD, because their Hearts have been Circumcised by the HOLY SPIRIT. Together we both kneel in the Judean Dirt at the Foot of HIS CROSS !

I created this image of the Ark because it visually brings together the FAMILY of JESUS, made up of Jews and Christians. GODS PLAN since the Beginning was to bring together Born Again Jews and Christians and present us together in Heaven as a LOVE GIFT to HIS SON JESUS.

What is the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat? Explore the answer below by following the link.

“As Christians, we no longer look to the Ark but to the Lord Jesus Himself as the propitiation and atonement for our sins.”

Ark Image copy

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