A Place for Us

Do you remember the day of your wedding? When your hearts overflowed with Love and JOY for each other?

Husband please take the hand of your Wife and sit quietly together for 3 MINUTES to watch and listen to this song. It represents the Cry of Your Hearts. Which is to know FOR SURE that the two of you will be in Heaven together, for Eternity.

Some writers speak volumes with just a few words. The following song lyrics encapsulate the heart cry of every human being from today , all the way back to the fall in the Garden of Eden.

Lyrics from Westside Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5Li1N-A56M

“There’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us, take my hand and we’re almost there, take my hand and I’ll lead you there…..Somewhere, Somehow, we’ll find a reason for living, we’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a way of forgiving…Somewhere….Somehow…”

The questions for “Somewhere, Somehow, Finding a Reason for living, a New Way of Living, a Way of Forgiving, Somewhere and Somehow”; are ALL ANSWERED in the Greatest Story Ever Told. The Story of JESUS, the Son of God, The Coming Messiah.

The end of life brings a new beginning of life and the measure of your real wealth is what remains after losing your earthly health, wealth, prosperity, possessions and power. This is the essence of Gods Word to both of you. Live for Eternity, not for Time.

Continue to sit together for 3 MINUTES MORE for a Mini-Bible Lesson:

There once was an entire civilization (before the flood) living for Time and not for Eternity. They held their worldly possessions and power in a death grip. They lived for today and died never gaining their real wealth.

The Creator in His Mercy chose to save 8 people from that world before the flood. Just as Adam and Eve had a fresh canvas to paint on so did Noah and his family as they entered into the Brave New World.

When you stop to think about it everyone currently on this planet came from one of the lines of Noah’s sons. Our ethnic lines can be traced back to just 3 people Ham, Shem or Japheth; but not any further back than that.

Every fossil we find, every piece of bone, every tooth coming from the compressed layer of sediment, is made up of the Lost World.

Every ancient myth, every legend that we have today began from the time of Noah. The secular world claims Herodotus was the Father of History. Yet Herodotus lived during the time of the Prophet Isaiah.

The well known books of the Odyssey and the Iliad are made up of a mixture of legends, myths and history written by Homer. Yet Homer was alive during the time of the Prophet Samuel.

Every spade put into the dirt of the Middle East has come out verifying Gods Word as accurate history. So while mankind’s history goes back to Herodotus, Gods History continues to go back into time 1,200 more years to Noah.

If you are a student of ancient history you can find bits and pieces of the truth recorded by ancient nations of the world.

240 of the nations of the earth record a worldwide flood
The Chinese pictograph for flood is a shape of a boat with 8 sticks in it
90% of those 240 nations mention 8 people in the boat
85% of those 240 nations say the boat contained all animals

Coincidences……..NO, ALL of HISTORY was PRE-WRITTEN by ALMIGHTY GOD !

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