In the Beginning GOD

The word used for GOD is ELOHIM in Hebrew. It is PLURAL not Singular. Defining GOD as more than one person; in the first sentence of the Old Testament. (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit)

Today we live by faith rather than by sight. It’s difficult for most of us to do this. But God has given us a mind to think and reason with. It is my hope and prayer that you will be able to engage your mind and think thru the defendable prophetic and historical facts of Scripture.

When you do this, you will understand that:

• Faith is trust based on evidence…We choose to believe.
• GOD BECAME A MAN …so HE could rescue “Some of us” that Believe.
• No one has been left out of His invitation to come to Him…not even you.
• The Bible IS the autobiography of God.
• Yeshua / Jesus when He died on the Cross said “It is Finished”…but it is by NO Means
the end of the story!
• The “Greatest Story Ever Told” is about new Beginnings, a new Creation, a new Universe, a
new Earth that will join with Heaven…and a new You.
• Salvation is not about mans religion, but about a Personal Relationship between you and
the SON of GOD.
• “GOD has planted Eternity in the hearts of all men”…if you but seek HIM and understand
you will gain the assurance of your Salvation.

God is collecting all of HIS tears and all of humanities tears in a bottle.

For now God sheds tears over you. Soon when He comes again in Judgement there will be no more tears in HIS EYES. The fire in Gods eyes will have evaporated all the tears HE has shed over wayward people throughout time and history.

Everyone will go to the place they have chosen by living a life believing the LIE of the god of this world or the TRUTH spoken and lived out before mankind by JESUS the SON of GOD.

In the end there will be a new eternal beginning. Stop being entertained by TV until You Die. READ SCRIPTURE, know GOD and HE will give you JOY for Eternity.

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