The Day Is Coming

One Voice One Heart One Lord

“Yes a day is coming when everyone will hear the voice of Jesus. A day is coming when all other voices will be silenced.

His Voice and His Voice ALONE will be heard.

Some will hear His voice for the very first time. It’s not that He never spoke; it’s just that they never took the time to listen.

For these, God’s voice will be the voice of a stranger. They will hear it once and then never hear it again. They will spend eternity fending off the voices they followed on earth.

But others will be called from their graves by a familiar voice for they are sheep who know their Shepherd. They are servants who opened the door to their hearts when Jesus knocked.

Now the door will be opened again. Only this time, it won’t be Jesus who walks into our house; it will be we, who walk into His.”
Max Lucado

“Outside the Garden of Eden, God instituted His requirement for the covering of our sins through the blood sacrifice of an innocent lamb for the guilty sinner. It started with 1 innocent lamb for each person. Later in history during the holiday of Passover it became 1 innocent lamb for each family.

During the days of the Temple in Israel it became 1 innocent lamb for a nation of people.

But at the Cross, at the Cross Jesus the Lamb of God became THE 1 Innocent Lamb for the entire world, through all of time.”
John Barnett

God calls to you through His Son and says: There is more to your life than you have ever thought of. There is more to your story than the pages you have lived. I AM the author of life, the composer of hope and I have left the best for last.

A new beginning of a story we will write together on pages of a book without end….forever.

Jesus whispers your name every day from the pages of the New Testament. Hear the Voice of the God/Man, who came to earth from Heaven to offer you a way to come home, as He says to you …the evidence is in the Bible, my voice is the Truth…there is but one way home…the other way is to be lost and never found. You must make a choice.

I am the Lord. My Heart yearns to beat with yours. Hear My Voice, Choose Life, and Follow Me Home!

Spoken On behalf of Jesus, because He LIVES!

ONE Voice , One Heart , One LORD

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