Lambs that are Silent

If you are like most people the first thing that comes to mind from this story title is the movie about Hannibal Lecter, a man who killed people and then ate them. The movie was called Silence of the Lambs and starred Anthony Hopkins.

Anthony Hopkins is an actor’s actor. By that I mean he researches his roles so he can literally become the person he is being called to portray. You believe his performances because he has mastered the psyche of the person he plays. Mr. Hopkins also starred in the movie about the life of C. S. Lewis a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So here is a man who exposed himself through in depth research, and then mastered the display of the depravity of mankind exhibited by murder and deception and then all the way down to cannibalism as exemplified by Hannibal Lecter.

Then Mr. Hopkins exposed himself through in depth research into the heart and mind of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. C.S. Lewis is a man that God had on an anvil. A man who was literally re-formed by the hammer blows of God, who then reached out to the God who refined him and purified him and became a believer in Christ.

These two portrayals represent the two extremes of mankind. There are only two types of people. The unsaved for which the depths of depravity will someday in the future come out and completely control them and their actions. And there is the True Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ in whom OBEDIENCE to his walk of faith controls his life. Because he realizes that ALL Sin is performed before the face of God and that he will be accountable for each.

This story as it continues will not look into either extreme of the faith of mankind within himself or the faith of mankind in the God who made him. However we will look into those that disgust Jesus the most. Those that are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm in their professed faith in Christ. Those that Jesus would rather “Spew forth from HIS mouth”. The ones who claim to be the Bride of Christ but actually have abandon Christ without realizing it. The one’s who unknowingly walk in shadows and turn from light. The ones who un- knowingly serve the god of this earth…not the TRUE God of the Universe.

There is duality in these extremes of the lives as depicted by Hannibal Lecter and C.S.Lewis that is easy to see; so that they can be separated. But within the Church of Men, called Christianity; there also exists a duality wrapped in subtlety that is hard to see. This is the largest group of Christians. Not the Hot ones and not the Cold ones…but the Lukewarm ones.

Jesus referred to this when He spoke about separating the Wheat from the Tares. Then later separating the Wheat from the Chaff. It is one thing for us as people to see the difference between grain and weeds but it is difficult for us to see the difference between one professing believer and another. Without discernment we cannot see the differences. So we wait ultimately for Christ who sees the heart to separate the Chaff from the Wheat.

The Apostle Paul calls you to examine yourself and your faith that it is Real.
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