The Simple Gospel

I wrote this in 2001 to my middle son and his wife. Maybe it will help you to talk to your kids.

Are you going up?

I know you both probably humor me when I try to communicate my faith in Christ to you. But I wanted you both to know that it takes more than two people to make a marriage.

The 3rd person is Jesus. Love between a man and a woman without Jesus will end at the grave. But love between a man and a woman, centering on Jesus the Messiah of Israel and the Christ of His True Church; is a love that will continue on into Eternity. The same applies to your love for the kids. In order for all of you to stay together into Eternity you each need faith in the Son of God.

The Bible is not difficult to understand. The Old and New Testaments were given by God through the prophets and the apostles; but the Words are ALL Gods words and they are simple enough for even a child to understand.

The Good News (the Gospel) is simple. You were born with the disease of Sin. Because of that inheritance God will not allow you into His Heaven. But because God loves you He sent His Son Jesus to die on a Cross to pay the penalty of your sin, be buried and then Rise from the Dead. Because HE LIVES, those who have faith in HIM …Will Live Also.

The historical facts of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus speak for themselves; they need no defending. When you truly understand you will find that the one who has the very first place in your marriage. The one each of you will love first …will be Christ, then the two of you will occupy second place.

(Son) your heritage is Jewish, (Wife) your heritage is Christianity. Both meet at the foot of the Cross of Christ. In Christ there is no Jew nor Christian…only Children of the One True and ONLY GOD. Only HIS Children have Eternity to spend together. Everyone else spends Eternity ALONE.

Love you all very, very, much…Grandpa Ernie

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