Do you know someone like Mick ?

I have a friend named Mick. Mick is Brit. He has a fabulous accent. I love to hear him call my name…Aayyehh Urrnieeeee. I have known Mick for many years. I kept a small Bible on my desk.
Weeks after I met Mick he noticed the Bible. “Aayyehh, your not one of them are you?

That statement began a unique friendship that has lasted for years. NO, Mick does not know the Lord, but he keeps coming to the well for a cup of cool water.

Mick’s personal life has been tumultuous to say the least. He claims to be a man of reason, of intellect, a person of logic…an Atheist. His standard of reason is measured purely against his own mind. His standard changes continually like waves tossed about by the wind and the sea.

His standards are like clouds on a sunny day, pretty to look at but devoid of rain that brings nourishment to the earth. His opinions are based on a foundation built on shifting sand; for his mind and heart are never nourished with absolute truth.

Yet, Mick is a seeker. He asked me for a copy of the small book I wrote called “Crosses Everywhere”. He saw it on my desk next to my Bible. The cover distinctly shows two Crosses…the Lords and one thief. But Mick held the book sideways and commented that the picture looked like the back end of a pig.

Weeks later he said he was still on the first two pages. I asked him why it was taking him so long to read such a small book. He said the only time he has to read is when he catches stop lights on the way to work. He laughed.

Mick just doesn’t get it, but what he sees in me he wants. However he is not willing to put in the time or energy to dig deep and investigate the answers. I gave Mick a Bible year’s ago but he is not willing to take the time to read the Living Word of God. It is Gods Word that is alive, not the words of my book. He is looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Mick wants superficial answers, sound bites, quick and easy Grace. He wants Grace and Mercy without repentance. He like many others want to walk down an isle, have an emotional experience, sign a card of commitment to the Lord and feel like they have gained Salvation.

During our years of encounters Mick tried to prove how ignorant I was. He took me on a tour of biblical questions about the flood, Noah’s ark, why a good god would allow suffering, how could god have created evil, life on other planets, people wrote the Bible not god, can god create a rock too big for him to pick up, the Bible we have today is not the same as the originals…where are the originals, all the versions say something different and more.

I answered his biblical questions with fact, logic, history, science and statistics but my answers fell on deaf ears. His ears hear only myths, fairy tales, legends and half truths. At the end of each encounter I always challenged him to explain the Cross and the Resurrection and that he is in need of a savior. He said he did not need to be saved from anything to which I explained hell…another concept he does not accept as true.

In all the words exchanged between us, none have penetrated Mick’s mind or heart. His home life and work life are filled with sorrow and pressures. His reactions to everything are extreme. His inner man is anchored in sand giving him no stability, purpose, peace or hope in life or more importantly in death.
In me he sees a faith that is unchanging by Gods grace, for I have told him many times I am a sinner just like him. The difference between us is that my anchor is set deep within the Cross that is set in the solid rock foundation of the Living Word of God. So when the storms come, Christ is with me…I am never alone. Therefore I have peace in life and in death.

I try (I am not perfect), to live out my faith before him so that my talk and walk convey the same message. Because I do Mick keeps coming back for a cup of cool water. God is not finished with Mick yet.
What I’ve learned is that no amount of reason, fact or logic will change the heart of an unbeliever. It truly is a work of God through the Holy Spirit.

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