Your Never Ending Story

We were all made for a person and a place. Jesus is the person. Heaven is the place.

If you know Jesus, I’ll be with you in that resurrected world. With the Lord we love and with friends we cherish; we will embark together on the ultimate Journey of Joy forever, in a spectacular NEW Universe awaiting our exploration and dominion.

Jesus will be the center of all things, and joy will be the air we breathe.

And yes, right when we think “it doesn’t get any better than this…it will.”

In the time it takes me to say this sentence, 30 human beings awoke in eternity because they died on earth. And, that was in 10 seconds. Every hour, 6,464 die.   That’s 155,131 per day – about fifty-six million a year – and about 108 since I started one minute ago.

God created Time and this Physical Universe so there would be a place to bring Sin to an end along with the War of the Ages that began with Lucifer / Satan and the 1/3 group of Fallen Angels that rebelled against God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

There is NO Redemption for the Fallen Angels and Satan, but for Mankind GOD has provided only ONE WAY to be Saved from Judgment. Look at events around you and know that evil is growing exponentially. Evil has only one calling; which is to harvest the dead souls of sinners and take them with itself down to hell. The Grim Reaper is doing All he can to accomplish this.

You have a choice, the Hand of GOD reaches out to you from the CROSS. You are drowning and don’t know it. The sewage you are swimming in is slowly taking you down. The water feels good around you because you are used to it. The Truth is that you are like a frog in a pot, and the temperature is slowly getting hotter, and soon the water will burst into flames and consume you forever.

Why won’t you reach UP to the CROSS and TAKE HIS HAND ???

God says the time of Salvation is now, not one minute from now. We don’t know if we have the next minute…we only have now.

Blessings to all, Hope to SEE YOU in Heaven !

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