Blessing Our Enemies

“Despite Hamas’ nonstop rocket attacks from Gaza onto Israeli civilians, Israel continues sending truckloads of food and supplies into Gaza, and treats wounded and sick Palestinians in Israeli hospitals.”
Comment by Danny Ayalon

How AWESOME is the GOD of ISRAEL, who has written the History of Mankind in Eternity Past. THE ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD of ALL Humanity; who continues to use HIS NATION of jewish people to show HIS Grace and Mercy to the least of these, whether they are friend or foe; no matter what side of the line HE drew into the sand of time 2000 years ago, that they stand on.

And what an HONOR it is to serve JESUS as a Messianic Jew among the walking dead, doing what we can to plant GOOD Seeds of Life into their hearts so the HOLY SPIRIT can help them become LIVING STONES that make up HIS ONE TRUE CHURCH.

I am humbled by the Honor that Our GOD has given to each of us, whether jew or gentile; as we follow JESUS all the way HOME to HIS KINGDOM to live Forever with HIM and our Eternal Family.

Blessing Our Enemies

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