Animal Cruelty

Innocent animals rely completely on the care and love of mankind on behalf of God.

Mankind has learned to do horrific, heartless and cruel things to each other. This horror has extended itself through acts of unconscionable cruelty to animals.The animals cannot speak for themselves, but it’s the wind that speaks for them. The wind encircles the globe and carries the voices of the animals that are mistreated. They too cry out to God as we do in pain, sorrow and rage about people who for sport and fun callously, uncaringly abuse and mistreat them.

Are you one who has heard the cries of the animals in the wind? Have you become their voice?

God has stated that not even a sparrow falls to the Earth and dies without His knowledge. He cares intimately and personally for every species He has created in HIS loving kindness.

God Himself has said jealously; that Justice will be HIS ALONE to met out to people who commit crimes against the innocent. From my point of view the innocent are not just the people but also the animals HE lovingly made for us to take care of.

So here is a simple warning to all that take pleasure in hurting, and maiming the beloved creatures that God has given us to care for. There are levels of punishment in Hell. Everyone will not suffer equally but everyone will suffer eternally. You can count on it, because God has said it.

Beware of what you do for the cries of the animals are carried on the wind. And the wind will surround you as you reap the whirlwind in Hell forever that you have sown in life.

There is much more to this message.

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