Prayer for Birth of Baby

Father, you already know the name of this precious little one, because you knew ( his / her) name in eternity past.

May ( he / she ) name be listed in the Lambs Book of Life. May ( he / she ) serve you with passion and compassion as your servant. May ( he / she ) walk the path of ( his / her ) journey holding the hand of Jesus all the days of their life as you guide them to be a Godly Person and a blessing to all they meet.

May the Almighty stretch out HIS Wings of protection over ( him / her ), providing a hedge of Holy Angels that are Strong and Mighty in the Power of the Holy Spirit all around ( him / her ) protecting ( him / her ). May ( he / she ) learn from your word about all your servants that have gone before, that have honored your name.

May you CROSS-Stitch ( his / her ) thread with that of other believers as you continue through time to weave us altogether into the patch quilt that represents the Family of GOD that speaks to the Greatest Story Ever Told. May ( his / her ) light shine as the Pillar of Fire you provided to lead your people in the darkness of the wilderness that surrounded them.

We together look forward to that precious day when we all stand before you seeing our earthly family members around us; as you , FATHER, present us to your SON JESUS as a Love Gift for Eternity.

How AWESOME will be that moment when we turn to each other and wipe the Tears of Joy from each others eyes.

Bless ( Parents and Grandparents names) as they honor you and stay the course and raise up children to Honor and Praise GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT.


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