Wandering Jew

Houses Part 1

North Creek Drive. This house became a blessing to me. Not because of its size but because of its cathedral like design. The doorways had high arches and there were bold crosses in each of the windows. The light inside the house softly illumined each window; so when you passed by or came towards the house at night you would see crosses in every window.

When I got up in the morning to write, everywhere I turned, every window I looked through had a cross in it. In this house of crosses I learned to develop a biblical worldview by looking out through the crosses in the windows into the fallen world I lived in. I learned to look at the world through the eyes of Christ.

Then I began looking inside myself at the cross He told me I must bear in order to follow Him in this life. I have grown closer to Him in this house because His arms were open to me here. When the light is just right as the sun rises at dawn and recedes at dusk you can see His arms reflected as shadows on the walls and floors inside the house. Everywhere I look there are crosses.

It was easy to worship Him in this house. In this house Jesus became real to me for the very first time in my life. Sure like you I understood what He did for me in concept, but here, in this house He became Flesh and Bone to me. This house was the one I turned my study into Grandpa Ernie’s God room, the place I went daily to meet with HIM and sometimes with others. This house was difficult too leave, but it was time to move.

Houses Part 2 of 3

Heron Hills. The windows in this condo as of this writing have no coverings yet. We have been here a week now. Our bedroom catches the full light of morning. Light pours into the room early.

Every morning I look at the sky through our bedroom window. But last night I couldn’t sleep and found myself staring out the window. It was a full moon. The light from the moon reflects the light of the sun. Just like you and I are made in the Image of God and should be reflecting Him to others.

The windows here are different yet the same as in the house I had just left behind in that there is a bold structure of a Cross. But the Crosses in this house are different. Supported by the extended arms of the cross design are 9 square window panels resting on top of each arm of the cross.

I do not know why I hadn’t noticed this before. There before me was His Cross. Resting on each outstretched arm were 9 small crosses. Jesus said,” Come to me, all you who are heavy laden, MY yoke is easy and I will give you rest”.

Jesus said, “Take up your cross and follow me”. Jesus promised to be with us in the storms of life. He promised never to let us go. He promised to bring us home to Him when the ebb and flow of this life’s rough seas are over…when we stand before Him on a glassy sea accompanied by all who have gone before us.

As His Cross grew larger in my sight I was reminded about that evening long ago when I had accepted Him as Savior at the foot of His Cross and He exchanged His life for mine. Then I remembered that Jesus said if I am to follow Him I must pick up my own cross and join the great cloud of witnesses from ages past.

Before I knew Him my cross was huge for it was on my shoulders alone. Now my cross is small, yes it is still with me, but now it is supported by His strong arms. My cross has become so light to me that I hardly know its there, my burdens are now His as He walks with me though my storms.

Houses Part 3 of 3

The Crosses in the windows of my North Creek house were tall, strong and bold. They reminded me of all He did for me at the Cross. The battle that was won by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and His victory cry that went throughout the universe. “It is Finished”, was heard throughout His Creation as the Roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

It broke my heart to leave the North Creek house. Not because of the house but because I felt His presence there. Now as I weep silently, not wanting to wake Elyse, I look out at this window scene within my bedroom at the Herron Hills Condo and realize that He has promised never to leave me and that He has followed me here. There is a high mound visible though the window and standing on it are 3 Crosses in the form of telephone poles.

My whole life He has followed me with the outstretched arms of His cross pleading with me to turn from my path of destruction. He walked behind me patiently knocking on the door of my heart to come in. In 1985 I let Him come into my heart. Now His arms enfold me. He is all around me both protecting me and leading me.

In the windows of the Heron Hills Condo I am reminded about His love. His arms are strong and full of the small crosses of those He supports as He continues to bear their burdens for them as they follow Him during their daily lives.

Never before have I been loved like this. That the Son of God, would humble Himself; become like one of His creatures and die in my place so I might live.

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