Tri Unity of GOD

I have been sharing questions with answers from God Himself as to the identity of His Son, the Jewish Messiah.

Here are some more regarding the True Identity of GOD. I first asked them of my Orthodox rabbi uncles after the death of my dad. They could not answer me.

Questions your rabbi could not answer to save his soul !

Q: Elohim, Us, Echad, Our…What do these words have in common?
A: Each of these words whether in Hebrew or English, is in its plural form.
Q: Why is the word Elohim, (Translated GOD some 2,570 times in the Old Testament), used in its plural
form? Let God speak for Himself.

A1: Genesis 1: 1 “In the beginning God (Elohim). When you add an im to a Hebrew word, it becomes plural.
Example, One gentile is Goy, Gentiles plural is Goyim.
A2: Genesis 1: 26 “Then God said let us make man in our image.”Who is us, and who is our, if God is a
singular entity?
A3: Genesis 3: 22 “The man has become like one of us”Who is us? This indicates that God is somehow
more than one.
A4: Genesis 11: 7 ” Let us go down” Who is us? The plural us indicates that God must be speaking
to another God? What about the word Ehad?

When Moses declared that God is in the Shema the Jewish declaration of faith in the One and Only God (Deuteronomy 6:4), Moses used the same word, Ehad to describe the one flesh relationship of a man and his wife (Gen. 2: 24).

The word Echad means a unity of one made up of the same kind or essence. By using Echad in the Shema, God is portraying Himself as a unity of one. How can this be?
Who else can be equal with God?

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