Dear New Believer in Christ…

The Lord through the Holy Spirit chose in eternity past the date and time that He would awaken your heart, mind and soul. HE whispered to you all your life to turn to HIS SON JESUS on the Cross. When that happened the ears of your heart where opened and the eyes of your spirit could see HIM on His Throne High and Lifted UP.

Then at the exact moment in time pre-written in HIS Book of Life you came to Him realizing you were but dust and a sinner doomed to hell and REPENTED on your knees before the CROSS of CHRIST and like the thief on the cross …JESUS Saved You.

You have become a Child of the King. Your heart now pumps Royal Blood. And when you see HIM on the Cross you see HIM embracing you in His Arms of Love. And you now can have peace through the darkness that surrounds you because Jesus now leads you daily during your journey home to HIS Kingdom of Light.

Jesus alone holds the keys of eternal life and the key to the door of your new eternal home. So I pray with you that those whom God has predestined from eternity past for Heaven will soon come to HIM and that many of those we love in our families will be among those that open their hearts to HIM and become part of our Eternal Family in Heaven….and Be Saved from an eternity in Hell.

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