It Is Finished

When you signed on to FAITH in CHRIST you enlisted on the winning side of the War of the Ages. For as sure as you live your Soul, your Spirit, your Mind and your Heart have been ignited by the ROAR Christ shouted from His Cross…Tetelestai “IT IS FINISHED”.

That cry was heard throughout the heavens, that cry brought an earthquake that opened the graves in Jerusalem so the dead walked forth and that cry now echoes throughout time putting demon Angels and their commander on notice…there is no longer anywhere to hide.

God established a beachhead in the City of God that is called Jerusalem. It is not the city of the Jews…it is the City of God Almighty…He owns it. God planted the Cross of His Son Jesus deep into Judean soil. That Cross-is the anchor of our Souls that holds Christ to the earth with His Promise to Come Back Soon.

When I contemplate the Cross I think of the Lamb of God who came to die for my sins. But when I think of His return, I envision the Cross-as a light sword stuck in the earth waiting for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to take the swords hilt into His mighty right hand.

Then Jesus will point the Cross to the Heavens and one last time The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will Roar “IT IS FINISHED” as He brings Judgment …not mercy to the earth and mankind.

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