Gods Free Gift to YOU

At some time in your Christian life, you may have struggled with questions like, when a sinner is saved, who chooses whom—does God choose the sinner, or the sinner choose God? Did Christ die for the sins of everyone, or just the people He saves?

The vast majority of those kinds of thorny, persistent, mind-boggling questions are directly related to the sovereignty of God, election, predestination, perseverance, and the question of “free will.”

When I was done studying the latter two emotions took over me. The first was sheer Joy that the God of the universe choose me before I was born; to become His Child and assure me that I would ultimately come home to be forever with HIM in Heaven.

Then a depth of sadness I have not felt before overtook me as I realized that just about everyone I loved or cared for; family and friends would not be with me in heaven. Why, because to my Jewish family the Gospel is a stumbling block and to my non-Jewish friends the Gospel is foolishness. 1 Corinthians 1:23

I could really do nothing about it but pray. I know… we are called to pray. But phrases kept running through my mind: the few and the many, the narrow road and the wide road, choose life or choose death, heaven or hell, and finally “ONLY the REMNANT”.

The word remnant means the few. Too many of the people I care about have already chosen by not choosing; a road to a different place. A place that if given the opportunity to spend but a few minutes in while alive would change their lives here forever.

People’s consciences have been seared and calloused. They do not realize how much they now have in common with a frog in a pot on a stove…. an ostrich with its head buried in the sand…. or a deer that runs out into the road and is mesmerized by oncoming headlamps of an approaching vehicle until its too late.

This world we live in seems lush and beautiful. The reality is really quite different. This world is a desert filled with burning sands and howling winds. Sands that if left to the course of the winds would bury all civilizations beneath its ever-moving waves.

No matter how disappointed I am, no matter how hard it is now to find joy in witnessing; I know the reason I live another day is only to do HIS will. His will is that I share the Gospel with everyone He brings to me. So I will continue to be an Oasis in this desert world I live in. I will continue to hold out a cup of His cool water to those who begin to realize how thirsty they really are for the water of eternal life.

The loudest sound in the desert is the wind. I know that the wind carries His voice. Just as John the Baptist was chosen to be a voice in the wilderness, so too have you and I been called to be HIS voice within the wilderness that surrounds each of us.

So I will get back onto my camel and continue to draw people to HIM and let HIM do the work that I cannot.

And yes, I will pray for those I love for as long as I have breath in my lungs…that as long as they have breath in their lungs, someday in the future they too will call on the name of Jesus and be SAVED.

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