Go Back to Your First Love

Re-kindle your first love for The Book that Talks

Have you given any thought recently to the Holy Bible that you own sitting on your table, or on a bookshelf or tucked away in your closet. You had a passion that you could not refuse at one time. Can you hear the whisper of Christ saying to you, what has happened to the passion you once had for my words?

The author of life has chosen to tell us the story of life and about HIMSELF in HIS Book. The story appropriately begins in the first chapter. It begins in the Book of Genesis…the Book of Beginnings and culminates in the Book of Revelation…the Book of New Beginnings.

There among its pages God gives people both knowledge and insights as to how He created the world and us. No human being was there to witness the events, for humanity was not born yet.

But the Angelic race was there to witness God “Speaking” His creation into existence… from thought to physical reality…instantly out of nothing.

Man will never, not now or into the future be able to understand this effortless miracle by God. The simple facts are that God is Creator and we are but creatures.

This difference between God and man and between even the angels and God is greater than the infinite distance between two opposite compass points that will never meet.

Everything God has made reflects his image and his attributes. Mankind is a combination of both. God has made it clear that man was made in His Image from the beginning.

So my friend…Go back and do the things you did in the beginning. Begin again to devour the Bitter Sweet Word of God. His words will renew your strength, His words will renew your compassion and His words will renew your desire to reach out to the walking dead all around you.

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