My Earthly Father

The memories of my father are vivid to say the least. Funny isn’t it how we take those we love for granted while their here. Then when they are gone we begin remembering the moments of their lives that touched our hearts.

My father loved God. He spoke to me infrequently about His God because the events of his life were filled with so much pain. He could not understand how a good God could have allowed the Holocaust. He did not understand the Holiness of God and the Sins we all bear before HIM. He was raised to think that we all through being good and giving charity can earn a place in heaven. His theology was wrong because he too listened like I did to the words of others rather than read the Words of God.

Yet when he talked about God his eyes filled with tears and his words were filled with awe, and wonder and passion. As I stood on the welcome matt before the door of the ARK, I remembered all those moments my father had spoken to me of his God. All of the seeds my father had planted into my heart that were watered by his tears for me.

For his heart cry was always that I would come to know the God he had come to love. As I think back on him I am truly saddened that it was his death that actually lead me to Yeshua / Jesus and life. My father died not knowing his Messiah, by loving God through religion rather than coming to know God through a personal relationship with His Son.

The Bible is clear that Loving God is the last of several steps that begin with the Truth about God and then fear that becomes knowledge, leading to understanding, then repentance and acceptance and finally love.

When I finally opened the eyes of my heart to Jesus, I watched as the hand of His Father opened the door to His Ark of safety, which is His Words contained in His Bible. I stepped in and His mighty hand shut the door behind me and there within this refuge of sanctuary I sat before His Throne as He began to tell me in His own words the Greatest Story Ever Told.

When He was done I understood the past, the present and the future told to me personally through the words that contain eternal life, by the one who is, who was and is too come.

So now I write first and foremost for HIM. Then I write for YOU and finally I write for those in my family that I love.

The day will come when like my father before me I will no longer be here. I want to leave a legacy of words and memories for them that tell them who I am and what I believe.

I want them to know that I love them, pray for them and will wait for them in a better place. I want them to know that I placed my eternal life in the nail scarred hands of JESUS, the Jewish Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

I want them to know that I have not found a religion but a relationship, a personal relationship with God. I want them to know that as long as they have life they have the ability to Seek the Living God who waits at the top of the stairs for them with a welcome matt. All they need do is open the door of their hearts and He will open the door to them so they can go into His ARK. There they will find the Living Words of God, written personally to each of them.

Only by reading His Words will they come to the knowledge of the Truth about God. Then they will fear HIM. That fear will become knowledge of HIM, and that will lead to the understanding of what this life truly is about and why they were born.

Then with repentant broken hearts they too will allow God to heal them of their sins by accepting the death of Jesus on the Cross for their sins. Only then will they be able to Love God and live for God and grow in wisdom and discernment of God.

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Eternal Life
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