Window to Your Soul

There is a screen savor I have that rotates through images of the Universe. The images are spectacular. When I look into the night sky I see darkness with pinpoints of light. When the Hubble telescope trains its eye on the same night sky the darkness explodes in color. Hubble sees planets, galaxies, stars, solar systems…the very stuff that God created by the words of His mouth.

The literal words spoken by God are recorded in the Book of Genesis, which begins the story of the pre-written history of the Redemption of Mankind with the words… “In The Beginning GOD, CREATED heaven and earth”.

Man today focuses his attention on Outer Space…when he should be focusing on Inner Space and what the Word of God says about us being created to live forever. You will always be who you are and never go out of existence.

As fascinating as Outer Space is…Inner Space is even more so. I don’t mean all the stuff we now see within our bodies that amazes us. I am talking about your soul, your inner essence that is who you really are. It’s the YOU that you see in the mirror as you gaze into your eyes that are the windows of your Soul.

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