Forget the 4 Questions of Passover except…ONE !

Why is this night different than all other nights?
Now ask your rabbi to answer the following questions.

WHY does the Matzah Bag have 3 Compartments?

WHY use unleavened (sinless) bread that is striped, pierced, broken
wrapped in linen and Hidden?

WHY is the word Afikoman the only Greek word in the Haggadah
that means HAS ARRIVED?

WHY is the Afikoman broken in half then hidden for children to find?

WHAT is the true meaning of the Cup of Redemption?

I am a Messianic Jew and you are a Jew. The only difference between us is WHO we believe the MESSIAH IS. I have never stopped being Jewish.

God established the holiday of Passover, so that the Jewish people would remember all HIS Mighty Works like providing a way to safety through walls of water.

Later in history, someone came to the Nation of Israel walking out of the pages of the Prophets. HE came and not only Walked ON Water, but told the Storm to BE STILL…and the Storm obeyed HIM.

The Bible is a love story about Gods great love for His children and the ultimate sacrifice of His Son (Proverbs 30:4) for you, so someday you can go to heaven.

The Bible is ONE book.
With ONE HERO….Jesus.
With ONE Villain….Satan.
With ONE Theme….Salvation.
With ONE Purpose….to Glorify Almighty GOD.

“Do not forget me, O my children, says the Lord”. Don’t forget HIM this Tuesday.

Just as the blood of the sacrificial lamb covered the doorpost protecting those inside. So too must the Blood of the Lamb cover your heart to protect you from the wrath of GOD.

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