Its morning and I am on my way to work. It’s a grey morning with clouds filling the sky to the North, South and West. To my left is the Eastern sky. You can see clearly the beginning of daybreak.

The sky in the east is filled with an intense reddish orange color and it is raining. Along the side of the road are innumerable telephone poles, which as most of you know speaks to me of seeing Crosses Everywhere.

I am reminded by looking at the Eastern sky that most of us would look at it and say how beautiful this color is that seems to be growing and approaching us. It actually looks like it is pushing back the darkness and the clouds of deep grey.

Most of you would say the scene of color developing and moving toward you reminds you of Christ coming in love for this world. You say that because your entire Christian Life you have been taught about the Love of Jesus. This is the theme of preaching today and its only half the Truth!

Many pastors disregard the fact that Christ taught more on the theme of Hell and Judgment to come than on Heaven. When they leave out judgment they eliminate the motivation for you to Fear GOD and to come to TRUE REPENTANCE. They preach another Gospel that does not save!

As for me, I look at the Eastern sky and I see fire. And I do not think of the lamb that died on the Cross; I think of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The one who is Holy, Holy, HOLY who IS coming again, but not in love anymore but in judgment.

And the rain for me represent the tears of God, who knows so well that so very many will perish when He comes and yet it is His wish that none should perish, and that all would turn to HIM and gain eternal life rather than eternal death.

Christian, check out your standing before the Lord, who is coming in wrath, not love. Are you a True Christian? Are you a Carnal Christian? OR are you a Professing Christian? One of you will meet the Lord and go straight to Hell.

The Voice of the Apostle Paul echoes to you from the past to determine who you really are in Christ. One of you will have the surprise of a lifetime when you stand before Jesus.

Make sure in your own heart whether it is a heart of Stone or a heart that has been circumcised by the Holy Spirit and now pumps Royal Blood because you have become a Child of the King.

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