Adam, the Father of the Human Race

Adam is ancient…the memories of the garden are long gone. The only memories that live within his heart and mind are the burdens of the Sins he has committed throughout his lifetime before the eyes of his God.

These same sins that brought pleasure for a season have ruined his physical body to the point that it is going back to the dust from which it came.

Adam can no longer SEE the face of God, nor HEAR the Voice of God, nor SMELL the fragrance of God, nor TASTE the Word of God nor TOUCH the hand of God.

Adam no longer reflects the Image of God, his Creator. Adam as a physical being is now doomed, soon to be terminated, yet God still offers him eternal life in place of eternal death through the gift of faith in His Son Jesus, which is the 6th sense that he is missing.

Take a moment as we stand along side Adam’s death bed in Hospice. Adam lives in time not eternity. Adam represents every fallen human being who ever lived; Adam is the race of mankind whose light is close to going out forever.

See all the tubes stuck in him, as he exists only on life support. His breathing is shallow. He is still and not aware of anything around him as he lives from breath to breath. Adam the ancient of days of mankind who lives in time will soon run out of time…because time will be no more.

God gave us all Ears to hear with and Eyes to see with and a Mind to think with. Yet for 6,000 years the human race, Adam’s race, our race has remained blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of God.

God wants to save you from yourself, to change you from a child of Adam to a child of God. He wants to change your heart of stone to one of flesh. He wants to give you a blood transfusion, for ONLY in the Blood of Christ is there power to give you eternal life.

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