Blood Moons…something to think about.

I was asked about Blood Moons… some things to consider:

1. God has called a Remnant out of mankind to be a gift to Jesus.
That Remnant is made up of people with circumcised hearts…Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians.

2. The Church is a umbrella term covering True Christians (live for
Christ here), Carnal Christians (believers whose walk here
is both in the light and in the Darkness) and Professing
Christians (Filled with Pride regarding their accomplishments
for Christ. Read about them in Matthew. Christ will say HE
never knew them and they will go to hell).

3. Christ preached more on Hell than on Heaven. HE came the
first time to be the Lamb, the ONE Crucified. He Comes the 2nd time only in JUDGEMENT.

The Church is not getting better it is becoming Apostate.
Weak Pastors share weak messages creating a flock that has no discernment because they are Biblical Illiterates. Therefore they think they are saved when they are not. True Salvation comes from REPENTANCE–Fearing the Lord first, knowing we are sinners going to hell. His Cross is our starting point on our journey home to heaven.

Pastors today preach Christian lite rather than the Light of Christ. Every Pastor will be judged at a different level than people that attend their churches. Because the pastors have a higher calling and responsibility to teach Heaven and Hell, Doctrine and Messianic Prophecy…which leads to the discernment and true repentance of the Flock GOD Given to them to shepherd!

The Signs are all around us that Christ is coming very soon. Yes Scripture teaches about Signs in the Sky, blood moons etc. However the One sign that will allow you to count the literal days as to Christ setting foot on the Mt. of Olives at His 2nd Coming will be the Mid- Tribulation sign when the anti-christ…the False Messiah, stands in the end times Temple in Jerusalem and proclaims himself to be god. That starts the 2nd half of the 7-year Tribulation period when HELL is loosed on earth.

That is when the Lord will use 144,000 Jewish Evangelists, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel that are sealed, protected and anointed by the Holy Spirit to witness as they walk the earth among demons, sharing the Gospel. Scripture makes it clear that this last 3 1/2 years will be the greatest In-gathering of believers that has ever happened on the planet. Multitudes will be saved and go into the Millennial Kingdom ruled by Jesus for 1,000 years here on earth.

However, the sign I am watching for is the coming of the anti-christ. This demonic person will sign a peace treaty with the Nation of Israel for 7 years guaranteeing their peace and safety. The anti-christ will be the new global leader of this planet…until Christ returns. Israel will rejoice because they will believe that this anti-christ is their Messiah.

So Israel will put their faith into the False Messiah first. In Zechariah it explains the ending events regarding the time when Jesus sets foot on the Mt. of Olives again to save Israel from total annihilation by ALL (nations that come against them). God will save only the 1/3 Remnant of true believers who will cry out to Jesus as HE comes visibly in the Sky. These 1/3rd will cry out “To HIM Whom They Have PIERCED” understanding finally who JESUS IS. The remaining 2/3rds of the nation will not repent and will go to hell. This is the final Jewish Holocaust allowed by God.

We all need to witness to those we love. God allowed the flood that took the lives of all but 8 people on the planet. That was the first Holocaust. Then God allowed Hitler’s Holocaust, not just of 6 million Jews but also of millions of others. The next Holocaust that God allows for Jews will be when Christ comes the 2nd time.

BUT when you think of the HIDDEN Holocaust, the countless Billions of souls since the Garden that have not accepted Jesus that will populate hell forever, it is humbling to know that you and I have been spared by HIS Cross and our faith in HIM.

Remember, God knew you and every believer before the foundations of the world were made. We lived in Gods Heart. He created us to do HIS Work, which is to walk and TALK our Faith in Jesus so seeds that are good can be planted and watered by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Each of us is on a journey home to become members of a new family, a Love Gift of GOD to His Son, that will live in Heaven forever.

NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION…Don’t leave those you love behind. Share your faith, your testimony. Time is running out. The Signs are beginning, The Dawn of Eternity is Here.

Even So Come Lord Jesus.

Blessing’s to you and yours.
Your Brother in Christ,


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