“Windows of the Soul”

“Within us the dust of the earth and the breath of heaven are joined in a mysterious union only death can separate. Our eyes are windows into our Soul and there is more to you than you know !”

“It hardly seems possible to talk about the soul without in some way talking about God.

We long for the companionship of God. We long for the assurance that we are not taking this journey alone. That He is walking with us and talking with us and intimately involved in our lives.

We are shaped from something of earth and something of heaven. We were torn from two worlds. Our body is but dust, made of the earth. But our spirit, who we really are, is given to each of us by God.

Through our creative talents we express the image of God and in doing so we see Him in us…as we paint pictures, compose music, sculpt wood and stone, or write stories. Through art, music and stories our souls seek that elusive something missing from our lives…God.

We reach out not knowing this God, with the talents He gave to us. But, He has revealed Himself to us through Scripture and asks us to seek Him not only through our talents but through His Word, and our Worship and Prayers.

There is a relationship within us that is a strained one, for while the body is fitted for a terrestrial environment- with lungs to breathe air and teeth to chew food and feet to walk on dirt…the soul is extra terrestrial, fitted for heaven. It breathes other air, eats other food and walks other terrain.

Something has been written by the hand of God deep within each of us in our being, something the soul strains to recall…they are recollections of our origins.

They whisper to us telling us we are more than a mere collection of chemical reactions or animal instincts. Like any memory, they can be repressed, but cannot be erased.”

Quoted from “Windows of the Soul”, by Ken Gire.

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