Passover Thoughts: How Awesome is God…

… that within the Hebrew names of a genealogy in Genesis 5 in the Old Testament, He would hide the New Testament Plan of Redemption. (Salvation, bought for all through the death of Gods Son, Yeshua!).

ADAM… man (is) SETH… appointed ENOSH… mortal
KENAN… sorrow (but)… MAHALALEL The Blessed God
JARED… shall come down ENOCH… teaching
METHUSALEH… His Death Shall Bring LAMECH… the despairing
NOAH…comfort and rest.

Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow (but) The Blessed God shall come down teaching, HIS DEATH Shall Bring the despairing comfort and rest.

Remember, History is His Story, the story of Christ. That story is hidden in the Old Testament and Revealed in the New Testament.

Each one of us needs to see Yeshua / Jesus as God’s Passover Lamb who died and shed His blood for us and atoned for us so that we can pass over from death to a new life with the Living God.

For Centuries the Passover Seder ended with a shout of Next Year in Jerusalem. Well, the Jewish people now have Jerusalem and the new cry is Messiah Come Now. They cry out for the coming of their Messiah.

We also wait for Him and look forward to the New Jerusalem, the city of God from heaven where we will enjoy the feast of Salvation with our Messiah someday soon.

Israel is God’s prophetic time clock. The Lord said we would not know the day, but we would know the signs of the times. It is time to be looking upward to heaven……because our redemption……The Lord Yeshua the Messiah……Jesus the Christ…….Yeshua, The Lamb Of God……IS Coming Soon.

Its not the end of the world like we often hear, but a new world and a new beginning for those of us that Love The Lord Yeshua !

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