Easter Thoughts: Give them the Gospel

Easter is the day that we are called to Remember Jesus and His death on the Cross and what it cost HIM…. to Redeem us…to pay for each of us whom HE chose before the Foundations of the World
were made.

Sometimes Holidays become too familiar to us. And we loose sight of what they were meant to remind us about.

Did you know the Word of God tells each of us to count the cost of our decision to believe in Jesus?

For me, coming to know Jesus at 38 years old as a Jew cost me dearly…it cost me my entire family. After 10 years when the wounds began to heal and I was allowed back; those relationships of love had grown cold with time and were gone.

Today when I look back I find it selfish to think about what it cost me…when I think about what it cost God!

We never think about the tears of God that continue to fill the oceans of the world…we think more about our tears.

We never think about the tears that Christ wept and still weeps for the multitudes that He died for that choose a different destiny… of eternal life away from Him. …instead we think more about our tears.

The Gospel is the greatest gift that you can give those you love.

Then Maybe… just maybe… the LORD will allow you to plant the last seed that brings Salvation to the person that you love.

Then in Heaven, as the two of you cry and weep together, for the Joy of the fact that you both know Jesus, and the Joy that you will both have an eternity together.

Then Jesus…. who already took His Nail Scarred Hands and wiped away the tears of sorrow from your eyes…will rejoice before each of you… as the two of you wipe the tears of JOY from each others eyes.

Now…how AWESOME would that be?

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