SON shine

Our Journey Home to Heaven is bitter and sweet. Its sweet when we focus on the good and bitter when we focus on the bad.

Yet our call is always to walk our talk AND to talk while we walk…sharing His Gospel and His Love shown to ALL through His ultimate Sacrifice for ALL on His Cross.

We live in a world filled with sewage that gets deeper every day. It’s impossible to walk the Earth and not get touched by it. Remember who you belong to and the one that gives you strength to walk another day in this fallen world that is soon passing away.

While living here we can never walk away from all the drama and the people who cause it. Yes we are called to Pray of the Lost. But they will never be Found unless you talk to them. You are the Lords, feet, hands, eyes, voice and HIS HEART.

Yes when everything is so difficult we shed tears. But the tears also belong to the Lord you Serve not just to you.

You are never alone in your walk here.

Jesus promised never to leave you or abandon you. The Holy Spirit is in you. And your ABBA, your Daddy smiles down from HIS Throne shining His SONSHINE all around you… so that you never walk in darkness!

Blessings to you and those you love.


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