In Jerusalem the Archeologists found a graveyard where the first century Messianic Believers (Christian’s) were buried. Almost one hundred gravestones were unearthed from the Judean soil.

Each had the same word engraved in the stone. No name, no birth date or date of death, no quip or slogan left behind. Only one word that covered each of them for Eternity was engraved on their gravestones.

AMEMTAS. A Greek word that means BLAMELESS.

If you believe in Jesus, then your name is already Engraved on the very Palm of Gods Hand.

Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit,

What we know not…Teach US
What we have not…Grant US
What we are not…Make US

ABBA, I ask this of you, in the Name Above All Names…JESUS.

Lord JESUS… SAVE US from ourselves so that we will
be BLAMELESS when we stand before you at the door of Heaven.



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